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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the difference among the various types of suction offered by Arkon?
A: Arkon offers three types of suction mounting pedestals: sticky suction, PVC, and TPU.

Sticky suction is the most versatile type of suction. It combines polyurethane gel and suction to provide a maximum surface bond on flat or slightly textured surfaces in all weather types. The sticky suction is easily removable and rechargeable by rinsing the suction pad with a mild liquid soap and warm water, then air drying. Arkon has a full line of sticky suction products, including SM679, MG279, TAB179, SM668, MG268, GP179, GP198, CMP198, NFCSM01, NFCSM02, GN079WD-SBH, GN068WD-SBH, and CM078WD-SBH.
TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) is a hybrid material that’s a cross between plastic and soft silicone. It’s a harder material that works only on windshields and functions best in most climates. Arkon’s TPU suction products include SM615, MG215, GN022, and GN015.
PVC (polyvinyl chloride) tends to be softer and more rubbery, and is not recommended for extremely cold climates. PVC suction requires the use of an adhesive disk to adhere to dashboards. Arkon’s PVC suction is also DEHP-free, which is ideal for those who prefer a more environmentally-friendly option. PVC suction products include CM117-SBH, TAB-CM117, SM6-CM117, CMP220, SM617, GP114, CM017, GN014, GN115, and GN042.

Q: What are the differences between Arkon's Slim-Grip Ultra, Mobile Grip 2, and Mega Grip Smartphone Mounts?
A: Slim-Grip Ultra, introduced in 2013 is the larger, stronger, successor to the Slim-Grip line of mounts and holders. The Slim-Grip Ultra holder features a spring-loaded set of bottom support legs that tightly grip any smartphone or midsize (7" or 8") tablet.

A: Mobile Grip 2, introduced in 2014 is the successor to the Mobile Grip line of mounts and holders. Mobile Grip 2 fits all smartphones or smartphone / case combinations up to 3.6" wide.

A: Since its introduction in 2004, Mega Grip is the industry's top selling universal side gripping holder. Formerly ranked # 1 on Amazon.Com for four consecutive years in the "car mount" category, Arkon's SM410 features the Mega Grip holder. Insert your phone, and then press the button to release the side gripping arms of the holder.

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