Slim-Grip Ultra Cup Holder Mount for iPhone and Android Smartphones
Slim-Grip<sup>®</sup> Ultra<sup>™</sup> Cup Holder Mount for Smartphones and Tablets up to 8 in.
Slim-Grip Ultra Cup Holder Mount with iPad mini Slim-Grip Ultra Cup Holder Mount with Galaxy Note 2
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SM623-G - Slim-Grip Ultra Drink Cup Holder Car Mount for iPhone & Android
  • Holder fits all smartphones and midsize tablets up to 8 inch screen size
  • Cup holder mount features 5 inch adjustable aluminum gooseneck
  • Use included adhesive support pads for extra large cup holders
  • 2 year limited warranty provided by Arkon

The SM623-G cup holder car mount can be used with large smartphones up to 6.75” tall, including the iPhone 5, 5S, 5C and all previous iPhone models (such as the 4S and 3G), the Samsung Galaxy S5 and previous Galaxy S series phones (including the S4 and S3), Galaxy Note 3, LG Nexus 5 and G2, HTC One and One max, Droid MAXX, Nokia Lumia 1020, and Motorola Moto X. It also holds midsize (7” or 8” screen size) tablets, including the iPad mini, Galaxy Note 8.0, Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 and 8.0, Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, Kindle Fire HD, and Google Nexus 7.

This mount package includes Arkon’s Slim-Grip Ultra Universal Smartphone and Midsize Tablet Holder, an adjustable cup holder mount with 5” flexible gooseneck, and optional adhesive support pads (for use with extra large cup holders). The Slim-Grip Ultra spring-loaded mechanism makes it easy to insert or remove the cell phone from the holder with one hand, yet it holds the smartphone securely.

Included with the holder are 8 support legs (4 short and 4 longer versions). The top and bottom adjustable-leg design of the Slim-Grip Ultra helps keep any side buttons and ports unobstructed. For the Google Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy S5, Motorola Moto X, and for the Galaxy Tab 3 8.0, iPad mini, and Kindle Fire HD, the best mount holder configuration is to attach 2 short support legs on top and the 2 long support legs on the bottom of the holder. For the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Note 2, Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, and Galaxy Note 8.0, use the 4 long support legs on the holder. For the Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 and Nexus 7, use the 4 short support legs on the holder.

Bend the 5” cup holder mount’s gooseneck, loosen the wing nut to adjust the mount up to a 90° angle, and rotate the swivel ball adapter head for additional 360° rotation, giving you the ultimate flexibility in viewing the smartphone from any angle.

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