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Expert Guide to Installing the Arkon GN014 Travelmount for Garmin GPS

Navigating the roads has never been easier with the Garmin GPS, but ensuring it's securely mounted in your vehicle is crucial for safety and convenience. The Arkon GN014 Travelmount is an exceptional aftermarket solution for mounting your Garmin GPS. This guide will walk you through the simple installation process, ensuring your GPS is mounted safely and effectively.

Step-by-Step Installation Guide:

  1. Understanding the Arkon GN014 Travelmount: The Arkon GN014 is a high-quality windshield suction pedestal designed specifically for Garmin GPS devices. It features a robust 70-millimeter clear suction base, a convenient OneTouch lever for easy suction activation, an adjustment knob for vertical GPS positioning, and a 17-millimeter ball head pattern compatible with all Garmin Nuvi GPS holders and some Garmin Street Pilots.

  2. Choosing the Right Location: Safety is paramount when installing your GPS mount. Arkon recommends positioning the mount on the far left bottom portion of your windshield. This placement ensures your line of sight is unobstructed and keeps the mount and GPS device out of the airbag deployment zone.

  3. Mounting the Pedestal:

    • Start by lifting the lever to the up position.
    • Press the suction base firmly against the windshield.
    • Push down the lever to engage the suction, securing the pedestal in place.
    • Note: The GN014 can be positioned with the lever either up or down, depending on your preference.
  4. Attaching the GPS Holder: On the rear of your Garmin holder, you'll find a 17-millimeter ball socket. Align this with the ball head on the GN014 pedestal. Apply firm pressure to snap the ball into the socket, ensuring a secure connection.

  5. Adjusting for Optimal Viewing: Utilize the swivel feature on the pedestal to angle the GPS screen towards the driver. This allows for easy viewing and access while driving.

Conclusion: Installation of the Arkon GN014 Travelmount is straightforward and quick. Its reliable design ensures your Garmin GPS is securely mounted, providing ease of use and enhanced safety while driving. For more information on the Arkon GN014 Travelmount or other Arkon products, visit their official website.

Remember, a properly mounted GPS not only aids in navigation but also contributes to safer driving practices. Happy and safe travels!

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