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Exploring the Arkon GNO47: A Versatile Air Vent Mount for Garmin Nuvi

In the realm of GPS navigation, the convenience of having your device within easy sight and reach while driving is paramount. This is where the Arkon GNO47 removable air vent mount for the Garmin Nuvi series comes into play. A blend of innovation and practicality, this mount offers a reliable solution for GPS users. Let's delve into the features and installation process of this handy device.

The Evolution of Air Vent Mounts:

Arkon, a pioneer in mobile mounting solutions, first introduced air vent mounts in the early 1990s. Initially, these mounts weren't popular due to their cumbersome removal process and the limited need for portable device holders in cars. However, the landscape changed in 2002 with the advent of GPS technology in portable devices like PDAs and mobile phones. Coupled with mounting restrictions in states like California and Minnesota, the air vent emerged as an ideal location for mounting GPS devices in vehicles.

Why Choose the Arkon GN O 47?

  1. Compatibility: The Arkon GNO47 is universally compatible with all Garmin Nuvi models, thanks to the standard 17 millimeter swivel ball socket mounting pattern. It also fits many Garmin Street Pilot devices.

  2. Design Innovation: In 2007, Arkon revolutionized the air vent mount with a removable design. The key advancement was in the clips connecting the pedestal to the air vent louvers, allowing for easy installation and removal.

  3. Ease of Installation: The mount's design ensures a straightforward installation process. It's crucial to first attach the Garmin holder to the Arkon air vent pedestal before mounting it to the car's air vent. This sequence prevents any damage to the fragile air vent louvers.

  4. Secure and Stress-Free Usage: The mount's support leg provides additional support for the device's weight, ensuring stability. When attaching or detaching the GPS device, it's advisable to support the pedestal to avoid putting undue stress on the air vent louvers.

Installation Guide:

  1. Connect the Garmin Holder: Attach the Garmin holder to the Arkon air vent pedestal. This should be done before attaching the mount to the air vent.

  2. Mounting to the Air Vent: Align the support legs on the pedestal and press the finger tabs to insert the air vent clips over the car's air vent louvers.

  3. Attaching the GPS Device: Place your Garmin GPS onto the holder. Ensure you support the pedestal during this process to prevent stress on the air vent louvers.

  4. Removing the GPS Device: Use one hand to support the pedestal and the other to gently remove the GPS device. Some older models have a push button for easier detachment.


The Arkon GNO47 air vent mount stands out as a sensible and user-friendly solution for Garmin Nuvi users. Its thoughtful design and ease of use make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to securely mount their GPS device in their vehicle.

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