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Ultimate Guide to Building a Content Creator Kit

Hey there! Dream of making awesome videos and photos? We've got the best list of essential gear you need to make the perfect content creator kit. And turn that dream into reality. 

If you're all about getting likes, shares, or even growing your business, the quality of your gear is super important. 

Ready to make some magic? Let's do it!

Your High-Quality Phone or Camera

To get everyone to say "wow" at your pictures and videos, you need a really good camera. Some phones have cameras that are good enough to make movies! Or you can get a special camera that pros use to make everything look extra fancy.

Whatever device you have or end up getting, our Remarkable Creator products have a solution for you to mount it. 

Lighting Makes a Big Difference

Guess what? Lights are super important. They make sure everyone can see you and everything looks bright and colorful in your videos.

  • Ring Lights: These are like donuts of light that make you look your best, without any yucky shadows.
  • LED Panels: These are like flat squares that shine light all over, so everything is easy to see.

Making Sure Everyone Can Hear You

Ever watch a video where you can’t hear what they're saying? You don't want that! Get a good microphone so everyone can hear every word super clear.

  • Shotgun Mics: These are like mini sound catchers that grab your voice really well.
  • Lavalier Mics: These tiny mics clip onto your shirt so you can move around and still sound great.


A mount that doesn't shake, can get any angle, and hold your device for you.

When you’re making a video, you don’t want your camera to wiggle around. A mount is like a helpful hand that holds your camera, phone, or tablet still for you.

Remarkable Creator Pro+Plus Mount

Remarkable Creator Pro+Plus mount in your toolkit means you're ready for anything. Capture your creations from the angle that suits your vision, switch between devices as you multitask, and engage with your audience—all with the confidence that your setup is as professional as you are.

  • Multi-Device Support: Connects your phone, tablet, or camera for easy switching and seamless content capture.
  • Steady & Secure: Choose from a padded base or clamp mount for a stable, shake-free setup.
  • Fully Adjustable: Position the arms any way you need to nail those creative angles and shots.

Find Remarkable Creator Pro+Plus here


Remarkable Creator Pro Mount

Remarkable Creator Pro is the go-to mount when you want the same high-quality functionality of the Pro+Plus but with a sleeker focus on phones and cameras, minus the tablet mount. It’s everything a growing content creator needs to produce professional-looking work.

  • Focused Device Support: Perfectly holds your phone or camera, making it easy to switch between filming and interacting with your audience.
  • Reliable Stability: With options for a stable padded base or a secure clamp mount, your recordings remain steady and uninterrupted.
  • Versatile Positioning: The adjustable arms give you the freedom to capture your content from any angle, ensuring your shots are always on point.

Find Remarkable Creator Pro here


Remarkable Creator Studio Mount

This mount is a powerhouse, designed to support even the heaviest DSLR cameras for those serious about their craft. With its unmatched strength and versatility, it's ideal for content creators, streamers, and photographers who demand the best in stability and flexibility.

  • Heavy-Duty Camera Support: Strong enough to mount a DSLR, it gives you the stability needed for professional-grade content.
  • Super Strong Clamp: Attach it to any desk or workstation edge with confidence, thanks to its secure and powerful clamp mount.
  • Easy Swap Holders: Transition between the included camera, phone, or tablet mounts easily, ensuring a secure and swift change of devices.

The Remarkable Creator Studio Mount is the ultimate choice for creators who require the utmost in stability and versatility. It's built to handle the demands of high-quality content creation, making it a staple for those at the top of their game.

Find Remarkable Creator Studio here

You're Ready to Go!

Now you know all about the cool gear you need to make your videos and pictures the best they can be. Go out there and start creating! Who knows? You might be the next big YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok star or the go-to source for people looking for how to create masterpieces on cookies or nails.

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