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Upgrade Your GPS Experience with Arkon's GN079WD Sticky Suction Mount for Garmin Nuvi

Navigating the roads has never been easier and more secure with the introduction of Arkon's GN079WD Sticky Suction Mount, specifically designed for Garmin Nuvi GPS devices. Ideal for a variety of surfaces, this mount promises stability and flexibility for your GPS needs.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Mounting Options: Whether it's your car's dashboard, windshield, or any flat or slightly textured surface, the Arkon GN079WD mount is designed to securely fit. This versatility ensures that your Garmin Nuvi GPS is always within easy view and reach.

  2. Sticky Suction Technology: The mount's base employs a unique combination of polyurethane gel and suction. This powerful duo guarantees a strong bond to the mounting surface, ensuring your GPS stays in place, regardless of the road's bumps and turns.

  3. Adjustable Design: Featuring a three-inch articulating arm that adjusts vertically up to 180 degrees, the GN079WD mount offers unparalleled flexibility. This feature allows you to position your Garmin GPS at the perfect angle for optimal viewing.

  4. 360-Degree Rotation: The mount's ball head provides a full 360-degree rotation, enabling you to view your GPS device from any angle. This flexibility is crucial for both driver and passenger usability.

  5. Easy Installation: Arkon has designed the GN079WD mount for simplicity and ease of use. Installation is straightforward: secure the pedestal on your chosen surface and engage the suction with the OneTouch lever. For Garmin GPS devices, simply attach them directly to the mount's 17-millimeter mounting pattern.

  6. Optional Adhesive Mounting Disc: For those with textured or soft dashboards, Arkon includes an adhesive mounting disc to ensure compatibility and a secure hold.

  7. Low-Profile Placement: The mount's design also allows for an ultra-low positioning of your GPS device, ensuring that your line of sight while driving is never obstructed.

The Arkon GN079WD Sticky Suction Mount is more than just a GPS holder; it's an investment in secure and convenient navigation. Compatible with a wide range of Garmin Nuvi models, this mount is the perfect upgrade or replacement for your current GPS setup. Available for purchase on Amazon and directly from Arkon, it's time to enhance your driving experience with this top-rated GPS mount.

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