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The Folding Tablet and Phone Stand is a simple yet clever folding tablet stand that is an excellent solution for teachers, educators, and administrators teaching via video from home and for those homeschooling, virtual learning, or working/teleconferencing from home. It can be used to read music or books, give lectures and presentations in the classroom, participate in video conferences in the office or work from home, read recipes in the kitchen, or watch movies or other programs at home.


  • Ideal solution for teachers, educators, and administrators, as well as those schooling, virtual learning, or working/teleconferencing from home
  • Securely fits tablets 7"-12" screen size
  • Most smartphones will fit securely onto the mount
  • Constructed from a hardwearing reinforced composite
  • Compact design allows the stand to fold down and be stored away
  • Non-skid cushioned pads and slotted feet stabilize the tablet stand and tablet

Fits Most Phone and Tablet Sizes

Arkon's patented IPM-TAB1 Folding Tablet Stand is a versatile, high-quality folding tablet stand and universal tablet holder that is compatible with most tablets and smartphones. It fits tablets with 7" to 12" screen sizes and adjusts to mount most smartphones, so whatever device you're using, this stand is the all-in-one solution. Plus, the moveable arms allow your tablet or phone to be held securely and at multiple viewing angles.

Compact Design and Durable Construction

Engineered from a durable reinforced composite, Arkon's Folding Tablet Stand is the hardwearing tablet and phone holder you never knew you needed. When positioned, its non-skid cushioned pads and slotted feet keep it sturdy on most flat surfaces. Its low-profile design allows it to be folded down and transported around. Perfect for the educator on the move or traveling salespeople for conference calls from all over the country.

  • Design: Foldable Tablet Stand for teachers, educators, and administrators
  • Model: IPM-TAB1
  • Materials: Reinforced composite
  • Holder Type: For tablets and phones