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RoadVise® Ultra Car or Truck Cup Holder Phone Mount or Tablet Mount


Rated 4.87/5 by thousands of happy customers

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Original price $79.95 - Original price $79.95
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$79.95 - $79.95
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The RoadVise® Ultra Phone and Tablet Holder with Car Cup Mount is designed to be the ultimate road trip companion. Its multifunctionality makes it a reliable holder for various phones and tablets up to 5.71" wide, used for GPS navigation, music streaming, and hands-free calling, delivering a clutter-free environment on the dashboard and windshield.

Its adjustable cup holder mount, included in the package, effortlessly fits into most car and truck cup holders with a diameter of up to 3.5". Additionally, it comes equipped with a 3.75-inch Composite Mount Shaft, providing flexibility and enabling convenient and safe device viewing for the driver.


  • Durable cup holder phone and tablet mount for cars, trucks, and other vehicles to keep your dash and windshield free from clutter
  • Ideal for mounting tablets for GPS, work-on-the-go, hands-free calling, and music streaming on long-haul trips
  • Durable RoadVise® Ultra phone and tablet holder is a secure and safe option for your device
  • Securely fits numerous phones and tablets from 2.52" to 5.71" wide
  • 360° swivel operation for vertical tablet viewing
  • Adjustable Robust™ 3.75" Composite Mount Shaft to easily adjust the tablet's position
  • One-piece mount pedestal securely fits into your truck or car's cup holder and is fixed solid by expanding it with an easy-twist ribbed collar

Secure RoadVise® Phone Holder

The RoadVise® Ultra Holder by Arkon is a sturdy solution for securing your phone or tablet during your journeys behind the wheel. Designed to accommodate devices ranging from 2.52" to 5.71" wide, it ensures a snug fit through an adjustable knob located conveniently at one end. Its design has a recess tailored specifically for the Apple MagSafe Charger or any similar Qi wireless charging setup. Its spring-loaded mechanism allows a simple attachment and detachment of your device from the holder, making transitions effortless and smooth.

Adjustable Mounting Arm

Mounted on a Robust™ 3.75" Composite Mount Shaft, the phone and tablet holder allow multi-angle positioning of your device, offering viewing options for the driver when using your device as a GPS. With 25mm ball ends and a tightening knob, the holder can be easily secured in the desired position, ensuring total stability throughout your journey.

Expandable Cup Holder Mount

The tablet holder features an extendable cup holder mounting pedestal to ensure stability and security while driving. Insert the mount into your vehicle's cup holder and twist the ribbed collar to expand it until it fits snugly. The one-piece base of the mount can expand to accommodate car cup holders up to 3.5" in diameter, providing a secure fit for many vehicles.


  • Design: Fully adjustable phone and tablet holder with cup holder mount for cars, trucks, and other vehicles
  • Model: KNRM023
  • Tablet Holder Model: RVKNAMPS RoadVise® Ultra Phone and Tablet Holder
  • Materials: Reinforced composite
  • Device Size Compatibility: 2.52" to 5.71" wide
  • Arm Length: 3.75"
  • Cup Holder Mount Fitting Size: Up to 3.5" diameter