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The Sticky Suction Mounting Pedestal is the perfect solution for mounting your Garmin nuvi GPS onto your windshield, dash, and other flat or slightly textured surfaces. The pedestal's base uses a powerful polyurethane gel and suction combination to provide a maximum surface bond. Its 3" arm adjusts vertically, and the base can be moved 360° so you can fine-tune your Garmin nuvi GPS's position so it's in your eyeline while your eyes are safely on the road.


  • Windshield and Dash mount engineered for Garmin nuvi GPS models
  • Mounts securely to dashes, windshields, and other flat surfaces thanks to a sticky suction base
  • 3" arm for adjusting your GPS to your personal viewing preferences
  • 360° swivel operation for total flexibility in positioning
  • Sticky suction mount with lever firmly grips onto your car or truck’s windshield
  • Additional 80mm Adhesive Dash Mounting Disk for dash mounting

Designed for Garmin nuvi GPS

The Sticky Suction Windshield and Dash Car Mount is compatible with Garmin nuvi 40, 50, 200, 2013, 24x5, and 25x5 Series devices, as well as Garmin nuvi 1450, 1450T, 1490T, 1200, 1250, 1260T, 1300, 1350, 1350T, 1370T, and 1390T models. Replace that tired old Garmin suction mount with Arkon's new sticky suction mount to keep your Garmin nuvi GPS completely secure to your windshield.

Adjustable 3" Arm

With a smooth vertical adjustment, the 3" arm with a 17mm ball end allows you to move your GPS up and down till it perfectly matches your eyeline without obstructing your view. The Garmin nuvi devices should include a 17mm swivel ball-compatible holder so you can mount your Garmin nuvi easily onto the arm.

Strong Sticky Suction Mount

This mount has a strong suction base that firmly sticks to your windshield as well as mirrors, counters, and some textured surfaces. It features an 80mm sticky suction base and a simple one-touch lever for easy attachment. With a pull force of 69 lbs, it stays secure in different climates, from hot to cold. Additionally, it comes with a 90mm adhesive dash mounting disk for alternative dash mounting.


  • Design: Garmin nuvi GPS mount with 3" arm and sticky suction windshield and dash mount for cars and trucks
  • Model: GN079WD
  • Materials: Reinforced composite
  • Arm Length: 3"
  • Surface Mount Pattern: 80mm sticky-suction mount
Included: Optional 90mm adhesive dash mounting disk

Compatible with:

Compatible with any device, shaft, or holder that utilizes a 17mm / .67 inch ball size.