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LockVise™ Locking Tablet Holder


Rated 4.87/5 by thousands of happy customers

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Original price $39.95 - Original price $39.95
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Arkon's Universal Locking Adjustable Tablet Holder With Key Lock seamlessly pairs with most Arkon AMPS mounting pedestals (available separately), accommodating tablets with screen sizes ranging from 7 to 10". When combined with one of Arkon's mounts or pedestals, this versatile tablet holder has numerous uses when it's essential to secure your tablet into the holder. Whether for GPS navigation in your vehicle, ELD systems in commercial fleets, or utilization in forklifts, warehouses, or factories, this holder delivers unparalleled convenience. Additionally, it excels as a tablet holder for EPOS systems in retail stores or restaurants


  • Locking Tablet Mount designed for forklifts, EPOS systems, GPS systems, secure dash fitting, content creators, producers, office managers, and more
  • Enhanced security with a robust locking mechanism, included keys, and secure hardware deters theft and keeps your tablet safe in public or high-traffic environments
  • Durable all-weather reinforced composite for protecting your tablet during operation
  • Key lock to keep the tablet locked in place without the worry it'll fall out and get damaged
  • Steady and shock-resistant design making it ideal for demanding environments such as construction sites, fulfillment centers, factories, and warehouses
  • Universal tablet compatibility fitting tablets screen size from 7" to 10"

Multi-Purpose Design

The Universal Locking Adjustable Tablet Holder is for those needing to secure the tablet into its holder, preventing theft and ensuring safety in busy areas. The lock and key make it difficult for the tablet to be removed. It works to secure tablets for ELD systems, forklifts, EPOS systems on a store or restaurant countertop, content creators on tables, GPS systems on dashes, office desks, and even walls.

Durable Tablet Holder

This is the ideal tablet holder for those needing a secure fit for their tablet. It features an all-weather reinforced composite build and a universal lock with a key lock (keys included) for guaranteed tablet security. It is easily adjustable using a 7mm and 10mm socket wrench and caters to tablets with 7" to 10" screen sizes. This ensures compatibility with a wide range of tablet models and sizes, from compact models like the G Pad 7.0 to larger ones like the Nexus 10 tablet.

4-Hole AMPS Pattern Mount

The Universal Locking Adjustable Tablet Holder comes with a 4-hole AMPS mounting pattern. Featuring four holes in a rectangular configuration spaced at 30.17mm by 38.05mm (measured center-to-center), the 4-hole AMPS pattern mount offers a sturdy and permanent mounting solution for your tablet when paired with one of Arkon's mounts and pedestals, such as the FLBK256AMPS Forklift Front Guard AMPS Mount with 7.25" Metal Shaft for attaching to the pillars of your forklift fleet. Or the HD680AMPS Multi-Angle Suction AMPS Mount, which can mount a tablet to your car or truck's windshield using powerful suction.


  • Design: Locking tablet mount for forklifts, cars and trucks, countertops, desks, tables and more
  • Model: TAB005KL
  • Materials: Reinforced composite
  • Tablet Size Height: Min 4.11" (104.39 mm) to Max 7.88" (200.32 mm)
  • Tablet Size Width: Min 7.44" (188.98 mm) to Max 11.25" (301.49 mm)
  • Tablet Size Depth: Min 0.69" (17.52 mm) to Max 0.93" (23.62 mm)
  • Mount Pattern: 4-hole AMPS