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Remarkable Creator™ Pro+Plus Mount w/Ring Light


Rated 4.87/5 by thousands of happy customers

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Original price $139.95 - Original price $139.95
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$139.95 - $139.95
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The Remarkable Creator Pro+Plus Video Bundle allows you to elevate your content creation game. Delivering a complete solution for stable, professional-quality live videos. Whether you're a vlogger, unboxer, or just a seasoned creator, this should be your go-to setup when you want to create high-quality video content. And to ensure you get that perfectly lit visual, a clip-on ring light is included in the bundle. 

Remarkable Creator Pro+Plus Video Bundle Key Features:

  • Designed for vloggers, unboxers, creators, and content makers
  • Heavy-duty stand ensures a stable platform for steady and secure content
  • Vibration-resistant base for ensuring smooth and clear footage every time
  • Easily extend the arm from 17" to 29" to accommodate those overhead and eye-level shots effortlessly
  • 360° Adjustable arm delivers complete control over your filming angle, allowing for versatile shots from any perspective
  • Spring-action phone holder keeps your device safe and secure when filming
  • Tablet mount for secondary device control, which is ideal for monitoring comments or viewing your overhead shot
  • Includes a rechargeable clip-on LED ring light, ensuring your footage is professionally lit

Capture Content From Every Angle

With its 360° adjustable arm, the Remarkable Creator Pro+Plus enables you to unleash creativity from all angles. Whether you're filming tutorials or vlogs or showcasing your latest creations—art, recipes, or other—this stand ensures every shot is captivating.

Vibration Resistant Base

The Remarkable Creator Pro+Plus arrives with a vibration-resistant base, ensuring balanced and rock-steady footage on any flat surface. This base eliminates the risk of shaky recordings or unexpected accidents, allowing you to focus on your content, knowing your setup is reliable and secure.

Fully Extendable Arm

Ranging from 17" to 29" upwards, the extendable arm of the Creator Pro+Plus offers flexibility in filming, from overhead views for flat-lays to detailed eye-level shots.

Secure Phone Holder

The Arkon Mobile Grip 5 ensures a snug fit for phones up to 3.9" wide. With its quick-release spring-action design and secure grip, this phone holder keeps your device safe while you focus on creating compelling content. A camera adapter is also included for use with pico, mini projectors, or MEVO cameras.

Tablet Attachment for Phone Control

For those who need complete control over their content creation, the Remarkable Creator Pro+Plus comes with the TAB131 tablet mount and clamp. This mount lets you control secondary devices like tablets to monitor comments or adjust your overhead shot. It is compatible with tablets ranging from 7" to 18.4".

Rechargeable Clip-On LED Ring Light

The Creator Pro+Plus Bundle includes a SPLEDRING clip-on LED ring light. It offers three lighting settings and adjustable brightness for professional-quality illumination in any environment. Its rechargeable design and included carrying pouch make it ideal for creators on the go.

Remarkable Creator Pro+Plus Video Bundle Specifications:

  • Design: Fully adjustable mount, clamp & stand for cameras and phones
  • Model: RCBTABLED
  • Phone Holder Model: MG005WRB
  • Tablet Holder Model: Slim-Grip® with Clamp TAB131
  • DSLR Camera Adapter (Optional): SP25MMCAM Adapter compatible with cameras having 1/4" -20 pattern
  • LED Ring Light: Rechargeable via USB dongle, 38 LED lights, three lighting settings
  • Extended Height: 29" from clamp base to hinge
  • Compact Height: 17" from clamp base to hinge