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Arkon's Remarkable Creator™ Pro Mount is the perfect partner for the nail artist, woodworker, artist, potter, baker, hobbyist, or content creator who needs a simple stand to film or photograph their creative ventures. Thanks to a vibration-resistant base, it securely holds your phone, digital camera, or mini projector on flat surfaces such as counters, tables, desks, or floors.


  • Stable phone and camera mount for vloggers, crafters, hobbyists, photographers, and videographers
  • Vibration-resistant base delivers total stability on any flat surface
  • Extendable arm from 17" to 29" provides perfect overhead and eye-level shots
  • 360° adjustable arm gives you complete flexible control over creative filming angles
  • Robust phone holder keeps your devices secure up to 4" wide

Flexible Filming Angles

The Remarkable Creator™ Pro Mount offers total control over your favorite filming angle. With its 360° adjustable arm, you can effortlessly adjust the stand to suit your needs, whether you prefer overhead shots, front-facing views, or even unique underneath perspectives.

Fully Extendable Arm 

The extendable arm, adjustable from 17" to 29" in height, grants full flexibility over height positioning, enabling you to accurately capture smooth overhead footage, flat lays, and clear eye-level shots.

Vibration-Resistant Base

The Remarkable Creator™ Pro Mount's vibration-resistant base delivers steady footage on any surface. Say goodbye to shaky recordings and hello to professional-looking footage that raises your game as a content creator.

Secure Phone Holder

The Remarkable Creator™ Pro Mount includes the RoadVise phone holder, compatible with all Arkon 17mm ball mounting pedestals. Its robust construction securely holds smartphones with cases up to 2 lbs and 4" wide. The spring-loaded mechanism allows easy installation and removal, ensuring stability during angle adjustments. A 25mm camera adapter is also included with the mount and stand, allowing pico, mini projectors, or MEVO cameras to be fitted.


  • Design: Fully adjustable mount & stand for cameras and phones
  • Model: HD8RV29
  • Phone Holder Model: RV001WR RoadVise phone holder
  • Camera Adapter: SP25MMCAM Adapter compatible with cameras having 1/4" -20 pattern
  • Materials:
  • Extended Height: 29" from clamp base to hinge
  • Compact Height: 17" from clamp base to hinge