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The Robust™ Mount Shaft, part of Arkon's Robust Mount Series, is compatible with 38mm (1.5") adapters and holders, allowing you to create a heavy-duty custom mount solution. This package includes only the 3.5" Composite Mount Shaft with a tightening knob (holders and adapters sold separately). Measuring 3.5" (89mm) tall, this mount shaft offers ultimate flexibility with adjustment points at both ends, perfect for designing a personalized mount solution. Pair it with Arkon's APAMPS38MM 38mm to AMPS adapter to create a versatile AMPS mount. Enhance your setup with Arkon's robust and adaptable mounting accessories for a reliable and customizable solution.


  • Designed to create custom and personalized Arkon setups
  • Heavy-duty reinforced composite construction is durable and tough
  • Works with Arkon 38mm ball-compatible adapter mounts and applications
  • Tightening knob for securing the 3.5" shaft once in place

Arkon Custom Setup

Use the Robust™ Series 3.5" Composite Mount Shaft to create your ideal custom mount setup by selecting your preferred mounting solution, such as a 4-hole AMPS drill base, clamp, or other options, and then choosing your holder type, whether it's a lockable metal tablet holder or a simple phone mount. This flexibility allows you to design your perfect mounting solution to meet your needs. Optimize your setup with the best mounting accessories and holders for a tailored and efficient experience.

Durable Robust™ Mount Shaft

The Robust™ 3.5" reinforced composite mount shaft is renowned for its durability and toughness, making it ideal for any application. Whether you need to extend the arms on your forklift mounts or upgrade the tablet holder shaft arm in your car or truck for GPS navigation, this mount shaft ensures reliable performance. Designed to handle demanding environments, the Robust™ composite mount shaft is perfect for enhancing your setup with long-lasting strength and stability.

Compatible with:

Compatible with any device, shaft, or holder that utilizes a 38mm / 1.50 inch ball size.

  • Design: 3.5" Mount Shaft with 38mm ball compatible ends for creating, upgrading, and creating custom mount solutions
  • Model: SPRM3835B
  • Materials: Reinforced composite
  • Arm Length: 3.5"