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5 Best Places to Put a Phone Mount in the Car

Smartphones have become one of our lives most indispensable and quintessential elements. But speaking of automobiles, no need to say how distracting it can be to use phones when driving. This makes phone mounts in cars essential to ensure your phone stands steady and stable in the holder. But the question is - where should you put a phone mount in the car? 

There are five best places in a car where you can mount your phone - cup holder mounts, air vent mounts, dashboard mounts, windshield mounts, and seat rail mounts. However, what mounts you choose would depend upon the size of the phones you are using and if you want your smartphone in action all the time. 

This blog will take you through everything you need to know about placing phone mounts in your car and the five best places to consider. Let's dive in. 

5 Best Places to Mount Phone in a Car

phone mount within vehicle

Everyone has a preferred place to mount their phones in their cars; each has its pros and cons. Most prefer to mount the phone just beside the steering wheels, while many like to place the phone in the dashboard's center. But whichever place you choose, ensure your phone is securely attached and doesn't fall from the mount when driving. 

1. The Cup Holder Mount

You will find many car mounts hanging onto the dashboard or windshield, and you may be unable to hold your phone if it's too heavy. That's where cup holder mounts come into play and is considered the best place to mount the phone in a car. It would keep the phones in front of you while driving and help you navigate without any hassles. 


Convenience: Cup holder mounts are super easy to install. Cup holders are always a convenient location that keeps your phone within arm's reach, making it easily accessible while driving.

Adjustability: You will find adjustable features, allowing you to rotate, tilt, or extend the holder to find the most comfortable and visible position for your phone.

No Suction Cups or Adhesives: Unlike windshield or dashboard mounts that use suction cups or adhesives, cup holder mounts won't leave marks on your car's surfaces.

Stability: These mounts will securely hold your phone in place, minimizing the risk of drops or wobbles during turns or bumps.


Limited space: These mounts may occupy a cup holder, reducing its availability for drinks or other items.

Not Suitable for All Cars: In some cars, cup holders are located in inconvenient or hard-to-reach places, making a cup holder phone mount less practical.

Here are some trending cup holder mounts to consider:

A truck driver with phone cup mount

Robust Cup Mount

You can easily adjust the cup holder base to fit into any vehicle by twisting it. The holder rotates 360 degrees on the mount's double rubber ball adapter, allowing you to position your device as you like. 

RoadVise Ultra Cup Holder Phone Mount

Mega Grip Car Cup Mount

This strong cup mount has a one-piece base that quickly expands by twisting, fitting seamlessly into any car or truck cup holder. It comes with a unique spring-loaded side-arm mechanism, ensuring a secure grip that is both user-friendly and makes installing or removing smartphones effortless. 

Mega Grip Car Cup Holder Phone Mount for iPhone, Galaxy, and Note

Universal Locking Car Cup Mount

With its vital lock and two master keys included, the adjustable cup holder mount ensures your phone's security. You can easily swivel the phone holder for both portrait and landscape viewing, and the mount's double-ball shaft arm allows for additional adjustments, ensuring the optimum viewing angle. 

Robust™ Locking Car Cup Holder Phone Mount

2. Air Vent Mount

Are you someone who doesn't want to have their phones mounted in cars all the time? Then, air vent mounts are your solution. These mounts provide the best of both worlds - not hindering any views of the dashboard while keeping your phones at eye level and providing easy navigation. These are hands-free solutions fastened to an air vent by cradle for easy viewing. 


Easy installation: Air vent mounts are among the best places to mount the phone in a car. They are super easy, quick to install, and don't require any tools. 

No Dashboard or Windshield Obstruction: Unlike windshield mounts, air vent mounts would never obstruct your view of the road or the windshield, ensuring safety when you drive.

Cooling Benefits: Placing the phone on the air vent may help keep your device cooler, especially during hot weather, as air from the vent can help dissipate heat.


Compatibility Concerns: Some car models may have unsuitable air vents for mounting. It may not be compatible with specific phone sizes or cases.

Here are some trending air vents mounts to consider:
A phone air vent mount inside a vehicle

Magnetic Air Vent Mount

The mount comes with a solid magnetic cell phone holder head that securely attaches to the metal plate, keeping your smartphone or other devices in place without needing a separate holder. The one-piece, robust spring-loaded air vent mount clip easily secures onto both horizontal and vertical car air vent louvers. 

Phone Car Vent Holder Mount for iPhone

Car Vent Mount Mega Grip

The holder's unique side-grip technology ensures a strong yet user-friendly grip. Simply place your smartphone in the holder and close the arms to lock it securely. To release the phone, just push the side button on the holder. 

Car Vent Mount with Mega Grip™ Phone Holder 

3. Dashboard Mount

Drivers usually consider the dashboard the second best place to mount a phone in a car. You can place your handset on your dashboard and easily interact with the phone without blocking your windshield view. Moreover, it keeps your phone within reasonable reach and ensures a clearer forward view when placed on a lower mount. 


Visibility: Dashboard mounts ensure good visibility since you can place the phone within your line of sight, making navigation, accessing directions, and using hands-free features frictionless. 

Adjustability: Many dashboard mounts offer adjustable features that will allow you to customize the angle and orientation of your phone so you can get maximum visibility and comfort.

Sturdy Mounting: When firmly placed, dashboard mounts provide a stable and secure grip for your phone, preventing your phone from falling or vibrating when driving. 


Installation Challenges: Some dashboard mounts may require a bit more installation effort compared to air vent or cup holder mounts. You may need adhesives or suction cups, and place them according to your car's dashboard design. 

Some of the trending dashboards mount to check out.
smartphone mount on dashboard in vehicle

Magnetic Phone Holder Mount

The Magnetic Phone Mount is a premium car and truck cell phone holder with a built-in magnetic head securely attached to the metal plate. This design ensures a powerful hold for your smartphone, GPS, or other devices without needing a separate holder. 

Magnetic Phone Holder Mount for iPhone, Galaxy, and Note

Dash Car Mount with Mega Grip Phone Holder

The mounting package comprises a push-button universal phone holder and an 80mm windshield or dash mount with a one-touch lever for a secure hold. What sets this dashboard phone mount apart is its non-obstructive design, ensuring the phone's camera remains unblocked when placed in the holder. 

Windshield or Dash Car Mega Grip™ Phone Holder Mount

Suction Mount with RoadVise Phone Holder and Adjustable Arm

This low-profile car phone holder allows you to keep the rear smartphone cameras unobstructed for spontaneous pictures or videos. The pedestal's arm offers 360-degree rotation on both the top and bottom, providing ultimate flexibility to position the smartphone at any angle. 

Phone Holder with Suction Mount and Adjustable Arm

4. Windshield Mount

Windshields are undoubtedly the highly favored place to put the phone mount in the car. You can use an adhesive or a suction cup to mount your handset onto the windshield and fix the device. These mounts usually place the phone at your eye level and are affordable, easy to install, and seamless to handle so you can correct or remove from the glass effortlessly.


Adjustability: windshield mounts often come with adjustable features, allowing you to customize your phone’s angles and orientation for maximum visibility.

Universal Compatibility: These mounts are designed for versatility, flexibility, and compatibility with various phone sizes and models.

No Dashboard or Air Vent Obstruction: Windshield mounts do not obstruct the dashboard or air vents, maintaining a clear view and airflow in the car.

Sturdy Mounting: When correctly installed, windshield mounts keep your phone stable and secure, reducing the risk of falling or vibrating during the drive.


Installation Limitations: Ensure your region does not hold any law against mounting a phone on the windshield. Check all local regulations before you install one on your car’s windshield.

Here are some trending windshield mounts to consider. 
A windshield phone mount inside a vehicle

Mobile Grip Windshield Car Mount 

This suction type excels in both hot and cold climates. The arm of the windshield or dash suction car dock mount is vertically adjustable and offers 360° rotation, providing ultimate flexibility to view the cell phone from any angle. 

Mobile Grip 2 Windshield or Dash iPhone Car Mount

Robust Double Windshield Suction Mount

The mount has a shaft featuring a 4-prong pattern and two 80mm windshield suction bases. Specifically designed for trucks or cars, this heavy-duty mount is perfect for windshields. The suction bases are securely locked into place on the windscreen using convenient one-touch levers. 

Double Windshield Suction Mount - 4-Prong Pattern Compatible

5. Seat Rail Mounts

If you don't want any obstructions in your view, then seat rail mounts are the best place to mount the phone in the car. It provides a safe and convenient way to keep your phone accessible and offers improved stability and discreet design. 


Flexible Positioning: Seat rail mounts offer excellent flexibility in positioning that allows you to adjust the mount to get the best visible angle. 

No Windshield or Dashboard Obstruction: Seat rail mounts ensure unobstructed views and maintain a clear sight. 

Concealed Placement: The phone on a seat rail mount is often less visible outside the car. This reduces the risk of potential theft.


Installation Challenges: Some seat rail mounts have complex installation compared to the dashboard or cup holder mounts. You may have to use tools and adjustments to fit the car model. 

Here are some trending seat rail mounts to consider.

 car seat rail mount with a device mounted

Robust Locking Seat Rail

Perfect for individuals who prefer alternative mounting options, the car seat or floor mount is ideal for car or truck phone holders without using the windshield or dash. For added security, the package includes theft-prevention hardware. Installation involves securing the car's seat rail mount using a socket wrench. 

Robust Locking Seat Rail Phone Mount

RoadVise Car Phone Holder with Seat Rail Mount

The holder boasts a robust construction, ensuring strength and reliability on the road. Its spring-loaded mechanism expands to hold smartphones up to 4 inches wide securely. Additionally, optional floor brackets are included to install the car dock directly into the vehicle's floor for added convenience. 

RoadVise® Car Phone Holder with Seat Rail Mount

Final Words

Hope this blog has helped you understand where to put a phone mount in a car. While the choice of placing the mount will depend on your level of convenience, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Ensure that your phone mount aligns with your car’s design, has minimum impact on the line of sight, and doesn’t leave any residue. Second, your phone mount must be easy to install and provide optimal performance and safety. 

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