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9 Essential Travel Vlogging Equipment for Beginners

Embarking on your journey as a newly turned digital nomad, you have traversed cities and countries, collecting riveting stories. But before you dive headfirst, there are countless checkboxes you need to tick. 

Foremost among these is the selection of travel vlogging equipment – from tripod stands and a quality camera to microphones and more. To help you get a comprehensive view, this blog will guide you through everything you need to know about travel vlogging equipment for beginners. 

Let's dive in.

Keep these things in mind when travel vlogging 

woman filming self using a tripod camera


Keep your videos crisp 

Keep your videos brief, aiming for under 3 minutes to retain viewer interest. During travels, capture short clips (3-10 seconds) for easy editing into a concise, engaging compilation. Remember, a crisp and short video has the potential to make a lasting impact. Begin with less and make it memorable.

Show the planet from your lens

What sets a travel vlog apart from regular travel videos is its ability to weave a first-person narrative, immersing viewers in the adventure they seek. A successful vlog captures your personality and perspective, providing a personal touch that standard travel videos may lack. 

Unlike traditional travel videos, travel vlogs prioritize showcasing your temperament. Elevate the viewer's experience by incorporating numerous first-person point-of-view shots into your adventure.

Involve other people 

Encounters with people—whether locals or fellow travelers—are abundant during your travels. Some may approach you, while you may initiate contact with others for directions or a simple greeting. The richness of these interactions often goes beyond what travel guides or Google can offer about a place. 

Be a storyteller

The essence of meaningful videos lies in storytelling. Storytelling is the art of conveying meaning without explicit definition. Imagine wandering in a jungle, transporting viewers with the crisp sound of fallen leaves, the scent of moist soil from raindrops, and the sensation of cold wind drifting through the woods. Allow them to experience the forest as you do. 

Use the right travel vlogging equipment

Use the right travel vlog equipment. While you can shoot with your phone and AirPods, it's better not to compromise on quality. Depending on your vlogging goals, consider researching and investing in decent gear for a better overall experience. Quality equipment makes a difference in the professionalism and impact of your videos.

9 Best Travel Vlogging Equipment to Carry

a female traveler taking a selfie with trees around the area

Travel vlogging goes deeper than merely capturing some snippets on your smartphone. An accurate, seamless travel vlogging story means a high-quality video with clear voices and sounds. And that’s where travel vlogging equipment or gear comes into play. Here are nine must-travel vlog equipment you must carry with you. 

1. Camera

It's a no-brainer! Crafting immersive content demands a top-notch camera that captures every detail. Whether it's a compact, DSLR, or mirrorless camera, the key lies in its features. Ensure your camera boasts high video quality (preferably 4K resolution), a microphone jack, a built-in stabilizer, a rotating LCD screen, portability, and manual mode for maximum creative control.

Bonus tip

If you are traveling in a car or a bike and want to shoot the best views along the road, how do you do that? Use a robust adhesive mount for cars or suction car stands to fix your action camera when driving. These camera stands are engineered to help you get the best angles when shooting and are the best fit to capture for Instagram Reels. 

For a low profile, flexible positioning of your camera or smartphone and to capture dynamic shots, use a suction cup mount. For spontaneous pictures and videos and to capture a panoramic view, use an adhesive phone mount; it is one of the best vlog equipment. 

travel vlog portable camera or phone tripod with bendable legs

2. Tripod

A tripod is the most important travel vlog equipment. Unlocking full potential requires a robust support system, not just in life but also in vlogging. Shaky footage is a viewer's pet peeve, making a reliable tripod a must-have investment. The bonus? It frees up your hands, allowing for more expressive and engaging content. With numerous options available, choose a tripod based on your camera's weight for optimal stability.

While there are innumerable tripod stands, the best ones can hold your device securely while helping you get the best angle. Moreover, it should be compatible with smartphones and compact cameras. 

Our Tripod Phone Mount is a two-in-one magic instrument you can hold as a selfie stick for a better shot amid crowds. Or, like a traditional stand, fix it firmly in the ground, poles, or fences by bending the mount’s legs and creating live videos. Check out our tripod mount to learn more. 

Another good option is to use an 11-inch tripod mount. The metal plates will ensure your smartphone stays firm while you move it like a selfie stick through a concert crowd or place it at the roots of a tree. Check out what makes our handy tripod a must-have vlogging equipment. 

3. Gimbal 

Enhance your support system by adding a gimbal, especially if you seek tripod-level quality with the freedom to pivot while capturing moving subjects. A gimbal ensures camera stability, producing smooth, high-quality footage without bumps and shakes.

4. Microphone

Regardless of how fantastic your video is, viewers will quickly lose interest if they can't hear you. A quality microphone is, therefore, crucial travel vlog equipment. Ensure your mic can suppress background noise and make your voice crisp and clear. Remember that built-in microphones cannot suffice as vlog equipment. You need a mic for outdoor shoots. 

5. Remote shutters

A Remote Shutter is a nifty tool often overlooked but a valuable addition to your gear. It enables you to remotely start, pause, or stop recording your camera, allowing you to stay in position for retakes—an invaluable feature. 

These devices simplify vlogging considerably and are budget-friendly. If your camera has WiFi, you can achieve similar functionality with your smartphone. Otherwise, consider the AmazonBasics Wireless Remote Control, ensuring compatibility with your camera model.

Things to keep in mind when buying travel vlogging equipment

You need to consider various factors when buying travel vlog equipment. The right gear can make a significant difference in the quality and convenience of your vlogs. 

Here are essential factors when selecting the best vlogging equipment: 

    1. Portability: Opt for lightweight and compact gear for easy travel.
    2. Versatility: Choose equipment that serves multiple functions to streamline your kit.
    3. Durability: Prioritize robust and durable gear to withstand varying conditions.
    4. Compatibility: Ensure your equipment and editing tools are compatible with each other.
    5. Power Efficiency: Select gear with long battery life or convenient charging options for uninterrupted filming.
    6. Weather Resistance: Consider weather-resistant or waterproof options for diverse shooting environments.
    7. Budget: Establish a realistic budget, focusing on essential items to avoid unnecessary expenses.
    8. Audio Quality: Invest in a quality microphone for clear and engaging audio in your vlogs.
    9. Stabilization: Include stabilizing equipment like gimbals or tripods for steady footage.
    10. Storage Capacity: Ensure ample storage space through large memory cards or external devices.
    11. Editing Requirements: Choose gear that supports your editing preferences and desired style.
    12. Adaptability: Opt for versatile gear suitable for various shooting scenarios.
    13. User-Friendly: Prioritize equipment that is easy to use, especially if you are a beginner.
    14. Research Reviews: Read reviews and watch demonstrations to gauge the performance and reliability of your chosen gear.
    15. Warranty and Customer Support: Check for warranties and reliable customer support to address any issues.

What makes Arkon’s the best choice? 

Be it a camera, smartphone, or additional lighting object, we have gear for everything. Arkon is your one-stop solution for all your travel vlogging equipment needs. Get the best vlogging equipment, like our bending tripod stands and adhesive car mounts. Here’s what makes us the best choice for travel vlogging equipment. 

Our mounts and tripod stands boast customization features, ensuring 360-degree adjustability and compatibility with smartphones, tablets, and cameras. Capture exceptional videos with precision, achieving perfect shot angles that guarantee stability and eliminate any unwanted shaky footage. 

Tailored for content creators and streamers, our series of mounts and stands are discreetly designed to stay out of the shot while offering a steadfast hold for consistently smooth footage, enhancing the quality of your content for your audience. Arkon is committed to providing the best tools for elevating your travel vlogging experience.

 Here’s why you must check our vlog equipment: 

Specialized Selection: Arkon curates a specialized selection of travel vlogging equipment, catering specifically to the needs of vloggers. 

Tailored Customer Support: Arkon emphasizes personalized customer support, you benefit from a more tailored shopping experience with assistance in choosing the right equipment.

Innovating continuously: We keep innovating and featuring cutting-edge technologies in travel vlogging equipment.


In this blog, we have covered the essential travel vlogging equipment list. Consider this your starter pack, as capturing the perfect shot involves having the right gear and using it at the opportune moment. To delve deeper into the realm of travel vlogging equipment and learn more about optimizing your gear for the perfect capture on foot or in your car and on the road, visit our page today. 

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