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The Heavy-Duty Wall and Counter Drill-Base Tablet Mount with 10" Arm is the ideal companion for securely mounting your tablet to a wall or countertop surface, whether for factory floors, warehouses, stores, or restaurant countertops. With an adjustable aluminum 10" arm and secure mount, this tablet holder will keep your tablet safe and secure for whatever purpose you use it.


  • Heavy-duty adjustable tablet mount for wall and countertop mounting
  • Slim-Grip tablet holder fits almost any tablet screen size from 7" to 18.4" 
  • Includes ten support legs for different tablet sizes and button and port configurations
  • Fully flexible thanks to a 360° swivel operation and 20mm metal ball adapter
  • Adjustable 10" arm gives you total control over your tablet's positioning
  • 4-hole drilled base to securely fit it to most flat surfaces

Durable Slim-Grip® Tablet Holder

The robust composite slim-grip tablet holder effortlessly accommodates tablets from 7" to 18.4" in screen size. Its spring-loaded design and secure grips ensure easy insertion and removal. Quickly release your tablet with a simple push down on the lower legs using just one hand. The 20mm metal ball fixing offers total flexibility, enabling effortless 360° rotation to position your tablet precisely as desired. Adjust to your preferred angle and securely tighten in place for optimal viewing comfort.

Multiple Support Legs

With ten support legs included—four short, two medium, and four long versions—the tablet holder offers numerous fitting options. Select the four legs that best suit your tablet and position them at the tablet holder's top and bottom. This enables various combinations to ensure unobstructed access to side buttons and ports. For larger tablets such as the iPad Pro, attach two short legs at the top and two long legs at the bottom. Utilize all four short legs for smaller tablets and opt for all four long legs for larger ones as required.

Adjustable Mounting Arm

The Heavy-Duty Wall and Counter Drill-Base Tablet Mount has an adjustable 10" arm and solid base for mounting onto countertops and walls. The arm lets you position the mount to easily view and operate your tablet. Once positioned, just use the tightening knobs to keep the tablet mount in place.

Strong Aluminum Drill Base for Secure Mounting

A heavy-duty aluminum 4-hole drilled base is installed to the bottom of the arm, securely fixing the tablet mount to your preferred surface. This solid mount keeps the tablet perfectly still, so you can continue using and working on it without any wobble or shake.


  • Design: Fully adjustable tablet holder for various applications
  • Model: TAB805
  • Tablet Holder Model: TAB1MAMPS20 Slim-Grip Universal Tablet Holder with 20mm ball attachment
  • Materials: Composite, aluminum and heavy-duty steel
  • Pole Length: 10" adjustable 
  • Mount Base: 4-hole drilled base