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Original price $14.95 - Original price $14.95
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$14.95 - $14.95
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The Universal Smartphone Mount is the ideal road trip companion for those of you who use your phone as a GPS and need it in your eyeline. It mounts onto your dash or console using either the adhesive backing or 4-hole AMPS drill-base mount or both and allows you to keep your phone within reach for GPS, hands-free calls, or music streaming. 


  • Universal Smartphone holder designed to be securely mounted on your car or truck dash or console
  • Ideal road partner for GPS, music streaming, or hands-free calls
  • Fits most devices, even those with skins and ruggedized cases up to 3.25" in width
  • Spring-loaded mechanism keeps your phone completely secure
  • Swivel ball adapter head rotates 360°, providing ultimate flexibility
  • Two mounting options or use both together for the ultimate grip
  • 4-hole AMPS mount with drill holes securely screws to your dash or other flat surface
  • Adhesive back firmly fixes to flat surfaces or your car or truck dash

Multi-Use Holder

For those who use their phone as a GPS, for music streaming, making calls, or for all three, this Universal Smartphone Mount should be your go-to solution. It mounts securely onto your car or truck’s dash or console, making it within easy reach without obstructing your view.

Secure Phone Holder

The mount arrives with the Mobile Grip 2 Universal Smartphone Holder, which firmly holds your smartphone in place thanks to its spring-loaded mechanism. Even if you use a skin or case, it allows your phone to be mounted onto your car or truck's dash and arrives with a 17mm ball mount and adjustment ring, which can be tightened once you've got it into position. The holder can be rotated a full 360° so you can place your phone horizontally, vertically, or however you like it.

Durable Drill-Base

To keep the holder in place is a durable 4-hole AMPS drill base with a 17mm ball end for attaching to the Mobile Grip 2 Universal Smartphone Holder. It features four holes of 4.10mm in diameter allowing you to screw the mount securely onto your dash or console. A screw pack is included for this installation. 

Alternatively, the mount comes with a strong 3M adhesive back for firmly gripping your dash or console without screws. For those of you who need the ultimate phone holder security, you can use both methods for mounting. The mount will also support Garmin nuvi GPS systems with the 17mm ball holder.

Mounting Warning

The 3M VHB adhesive is intended for permanent bonding. Applying this product may lead to permanent attachment to the chosen surface. Professional-grade solvents or tools may assist in removing the adhesive. Arkon bears no responsibility for any harm to your vehicle or surface arising from the installation of this product.


  • Design: Universal phone holder with 4-hole AMPS base with screw holes and adhesive back for cars, trucks, and other vehicles 
  • Materials: Reinforced composite
  • Ball Mount: 17mm
  • Mount Type: 4-hole AMPS and 3M adhesive pad