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VESA 75/VESA 100 Heavy-Duty Windshield Suction Mount

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Original price $34.95 - Original price $34.95
Original price
$34.95 - $34.95
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Part of Arkon's Robust Mount Series, the Robust VESA 75/VESA 100 Heavy-Duty Windshield Suction Mount provides a sturdy solution for mounting VESA-compatible devices with VESA 75 and VESA 100 mounting patterns onto your car or truck windshield. It securely attaches to your windshield using Arkon's Heavy-Duty Windshield Suction Mount Base. It is perfect for a tablet as a GPS or portable electronic logging device (ELD) that complies with the ELD E-Log mandate required for commercial vehicles. It can even be attached to a passenger-side window and mounted as a tablet holder for road trip entertainment.


  • Rugged adjustable windshield mount for securely attaching VESA-compatible devices to your windshield
  • VESA 75 and VESA 100 mounting patterns for mounting VESA-standard devices such as tablet holders, ELD devices, monitors, and more
  • Robust mount shaft locks with a security knob for securing the suction mount in place
  • 80mm TPU suction base with grip-like purchase works well in all climates

Tough VESA Suction Mount and Pedestal

Made of a reinforced composite plastic and glass fiber combination, this rigid mount pedestal measures 4.5" high from the bottom of the suction mount base to the top of the mount pedestal. Thanks to 25 mm ball action on both ends, its arm swivels on both the top and the bottom, delivering full adjustability for the driver. This offers 360° rotation and provides the ultimate flexibility in positioning the VESA-compatible device at any angle on your windshield. The VESA mount delivers a secure mount for many VESA-compatible devices.

VESA-Compatible Head

Arriving with pre-drilled VESA 75 and VESA 100 hole mounts, this mount ensures the secure attachment of your monitor, tablet holder, TV, or other VESA-compatible device to your windshield, keeping it completely safe.

Robust Mount Shaft

Between the heavy-duty suction mount and the VESA Mount is a robust adjustable mount shaft with a locking security knob. This mount shaft can be adjusted thanks to a 25mm ball end fitting, allowing you to angle your device how you want it before being locked in place.

Strong Windshield Suction Mount

Featuring a heavy-duty windshield suction base with a 25mm (1") ball head, SPRM080 offers easy attachment to car or truck windshields with its 80mm non-sticky suction base and one-touch lever. Works in all climates, making it the ultimate windshield mount whether you live in hotter or colder parts of the U.S.

Compatible with:

Compatible with any monitor, display, or POS system that utilizes a VESA 75 or VESA 100 mounting pattern.

  • Design: Mounting pedestal for VESA-compatible devices with windshield suction mount
  • Model: RM080VESA
  • Materials: Reinforced composite, glass fiber, and aluminum
  • Mount Pattern: 25mm Ball to VESA 75/VESA 100Surface Mount Pattern: 80mm TPU suction mount with 25mm ball end