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Arkon's Portable Mobile Printer Holder for Car and Truck is ideal for securing a portable mobile printer in a commercial car or truck, including those from Zebra, Epson, and Brother. These printers are commonly used for applications that require printing in a vehicle—from receipts in a delivery truck to tickets in a police car. The holder has multiple legs to support a range of different-sized printers, and the 8" mounting arm allows the operator to position the printer to their liking. A 4-hole AMPS base securely attaches the vehicle's dash onto a worktop or table when used for a stationary device.


  • Printer holder that securely fixes to your dash, table, or worktop
  • Ideal for printers needed for commercial use, such as in a work truck or commercial vehicle
  • Printer holder fits almost any printer from 7" to 18.4" in size
  • Includes four support legs for different printer sizes, allowing access to button and port configurations
  • 360° swivel operation for vertical or horizontal printer viewing
  • 8" mount arm with tightening knobs for multi-angle printer positioning
  • Mount comes with 4-hole AMPS mount for secure mounting options
  • Additional 10 support legs are included for mounting tablets 7" to 18.4" in size

Durable Slim-Grip® Printer and Tablet Holder

Constructed from durable composite materials, the slim-grip holder ensures a secure hold for printers and tablets sized 7" to 18.4". Its spring-loaded mechanism, secure grips, and padded back enable effortless one-handed insertion and removal of your printer or tablet. Press down on the lower legs for easy operation. The mount adjusts a full 360° for vertical and horizontal printer positioning.

Multiple Support Leg Options

The Slim-Grip® Holder has four support legs for various printer sizes and ten support legs of varying lengths for different tablet sizes. By positioning these legs at the top and bottom of the holder, you can tailor the support arrangement for your printer or tablet, allowing easy access to the device's side buttons and ports. For tablets, Opt for two short legs at the top and two long legs at the bottom for larger devices like the iPad Pro. Or, use all four short legs for smaller tablets and all four long legs for larger ones.

Sturdy Multi-Angle Arm

Featuring a robust 8" multi-angle arm boasting three adjustment knobs along the arm at 2.5" intervals for fully flexible positioning of the printer. With two extra 180° adjustment points at the mount's top and bottom, you can enhance the printer placement, offering complete control over the printer placement for your operator.

4-Hole AMPS Mounting

The 4-hole AMPS pattern comprises four holes arranged in a rectangular pattern, spaced at 30.17mm by 38.05mm (measured as the center-to-center distance). Engineered from heavy-duty aluminum, the 4-hole drill base mount offers a solid mounting solution for car or truck dashes, workshops, or retail settings.


  • Design: Heavy-duty printer and tablet holder with 8" multi-angle arm and 4-hole AMPS mount
  • Model: PPTAB106
  • Printer and Tablet Size: 7" to 18.4"
  • Materials: Reinforced composite and heavy-duty aluminum
  • Mount Type: 4-Hole AMPS