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Original price $124.95 - Original price $124.95
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Crafted for the cookie decorating community, the Remarkable Creator™ Cookie Decorators Mount Stand revolutionizes your creative cookie-making process. Whether projecting images onto cookies or filming captivating videos and content, this versatile mount enhances your artistic talents. Not only does this Mount Stand serve cookie creators, but it also allows creator content to be produced. So, if you're a cookie creator, a candlestick maker, and a bread baker, this stand will be the perfect companion for all your hobby adventures.


  • Engineered with cookie creators, vloggers, and content makers in mind
  • Vibration-resistant base delivers complete stability on any flat surface
  • Capture footage from every angle with a 360-degree adjustable arm
  • Mini projector and small camera mount included, offering a multitude of creation options
  • Height-Adjustable Stand allows you to elevate your pico projector or phone from 17" to 29" tall for optimal viewing angles
  • Dual phone holders so you can use a pico projector and phone, or with two phones
  • Both phone holders accommodate devices up to 3.9" wide and feature a secure grip, ensuring stability during filming sessions

Elevate Your Creativity

Unleash your artistic potential with the Remarkable Creator™ Cookie Decorators Mount Stand. Designed for cookie decorators, this innovative mount provides complete flexibility and stability for your creative projects, whether you're a cookie maker, vlogger, photographer, videographer, hobbyist, or content maker.

Secure Phone Holders

The Remarkable Creator™ Cookie Decorators Mount Stand arrives with two Arkon Mobile Grip 5 phone holders, providing a secure grip for two devices—either a pico projector and one phone or two phones simultaneously. Thanks to a spring-action design, grip-enhanced grooves, and padded back, these phone holders prevent your devices from slipping during filming. They accommodate devices up to 3.9" wide. 

Multiple Creation Options

Two phone holders and a small camera adapter give you many creative options with the Cookie Decorators Mount Stand. Use one for a pico projector and the other for filming your cookie creations, or film from two different angles with two phones—overhead and front-facing. You can even film with one phone and use the other for social comments, overhead monitoring, or footage control. The content creation possibilities are endless.

Capture Every Angle

With its 360° adjustable arm, the Remarkable Creator™ Mount enables you to capture your creations from any perspective. Whether cookie creating, filming tutorials, or showcasing designs, this mount offers versatility for all your content needs.

Fully Extendable Arm

The height-adjustable arm reaches from 17" to 29" upwards, offering complete flexibility in filming, from overhead views for flat-lays and cookie decorating to detailed eye-level shots and tutorial videos.

Stable and Reliable Performance

Equipped with a vibration-resistant base, the Remarkable Creator™ Mount ensures steady footage on any surface. No more shaky recordings or unexpected wobbles, just clear and steady footage allowing you to focus on producing professional-quality content with confidence.

Small Camera Adapter

The bundle also includes a camera adapter with a standard 1/4"-20 threaded pattern, allowing you to mount a pico projector or small camera securely. So, if you're filming with another device that needs an adapter, you're fully covered.

  • Design: Fully adjustable mount & stand for pico projectors, cameras and phones
  • Model: CDM2XMG5
  • Phone Holder Model: MG005WRB
  • Camera Adapter: SP25MMCAM Adapter compatible with cameras having 1/4" -20 pattern
  • Materials:
  • Extended Height: 29" from clamp base to hinge
  • Compact Height: 17" from clamp base to hinge