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For complete control over your content creation, we have the Remarkable Creator™ Pro+Plus Clamp Mount—landing with a special edition teal extension pole that adds a touch of personality. This creator mount is the perfect companion for all professional content creators, thanks to its heavy-duty clamp design that keeps your footage steady. Whether you're a photographer, crafter, creator, vlogger, nail artist, baker, potter, or any other hobbyist, your content will always look professional and clear.


  • Professional phone and camera mount for vloggers, crafters, hobbyists, photographers, and videographers
  • Solid heavy-duty clamp fits most flat surfaces up to 3.25" thick for complete filming stability
  • Special edition teal extension arm from 17" to 29" for faultless overhead and eye-level content creation
  • Complete flexible control over your content's shooting angle with its 360° adjustable arm
  • Spring-action phone holder keeps your phone secure and stable
  • Tablet mount for secondary device control, perfect for monitoring comments, controlling phone settings, or tracking your overhead shots
  • Includes a rechargeable clip-on LED ring light for illuminating low-light setups

Complete Filming Flexibility

The Remarkable Creator™ Pro+Plus arrives with a 360° adjustable arm for tricky or artistic filming angles. This allows you to get the perfect position to showcase your professional talents, creations, and wisdom.

Special Edition Teal Extendable Arm 

Thanks to an extendable arm that adjusts height from 17" to 29" upwards, your overhead or eye-level content will always look sharp and slick. Plus, this one arrives in a special edition teal color for a fresh and vibrant look while you're making content. 

Mounting Clamp For Steady Footage

To keep your footage wobble-free and professional-looking for your followers and fans, the Creator™ Pro+Plus Clamp Mount arrives with a heavy-duty clamp. This allows you to mount it to a counter, table, crafting desk, or any other clampable surface from 1.5" up to 3.25" thick.

Secure Phone Holder

So that your phone is completely secure when filming, the clamp mount comes with the Arkon Mobile Grip 5 phone holder, which fits a vast range of phones up to 3.9" in width. Featuring a spring-action design with grip-enhanced grooves and a padded back, your phone will stay safe and secure so that you can get on with the important job of creating pro-level content. A camera adapter is also included, allowing you to fit a mini projector or small camera.

Tablet Holder For Full Artistic Freedom

The Remarkable Creator Pro+Plus Clamp Mount arrives with Arkon’s TAB131 mount and clamp. This allows a secondary device, such as a tablet, to be fitted for monitoring comments, controlling the phone settings, or fine-tuning your footage. It accommodates tablets from 7" to 18.4", covering most modern device sizes.

Featured Pro Ring Light 

The bundle includes a rechargeable clip-on LED ring light so that you can adjust the light levels in your footage. Thanks to three distinct lighting settings and adjustable brightness, you're fully covered whether you need to elevate the lighting conditions or focus on a particular part of your content creation.

Remarkable Creator™ Pro+Plus Clamp Mount with Teal Extension Pole Specifications:

  • Design: Fully adjustable mount & clamp for cameras and phones
  • Clampable Surface Thickness: 1.5" to 3.25"
  • Phone Holder Model: MG005WRB
  • Tablet Holder Model: Slim-Grip® with Clamp TAB131
  • DSLR Camera Adapter (Optional): SP25MMCAM Adapter compatible with cameras having 1/4" -20 pattern
  • LED Ring Light: Rechargeable via USB dongle, 38 LED lights, three lighting settings
  • Materials: Aluminum, Composite
  • Extended Height: 29" from clamp base to hinge
  • Compact Height: 17" from clamp base to hinge