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7.25 inch Metal Robust Locking Forklift Front Guard Tablet Mount


Rated 4.87/5 by thousands of happy customers

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Original price $109.95 - Original price $109.95
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$109.95 - $109.95
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Constructed from a durable reinforced composite material, the Locking Forklift Tablet Mount is a resilient solution for mounting tablets in your forklift fleet. It is designed for longevity and features a rugged metal 6" Robust™ Shaft and 4" Plates, spanning a total length of 7.25" from end to end. Tailored to serve as a secure tablet mounting option for forklift pillars or brackets, pallet jacks, and a range of warehouse vehicles, it proves invaluable in demanding work settings such as construction sites, factories, and busy warehouses, ensuring your tablets remain safe and secure at all times.


  • Reinforced composite construction protects the tablet from busy work environments like factories, construction sites, and warehouses
  • Universal locking reinforced composite tablet mount with keys to keep the tablet locked in place even on the most uneven surfaces
  • Easily customizable to fit the tablet's size specifications, from 7" to 10" width-sized tablets
  • Robust™ 6" Metal Mount Shaft allows the operator to adjust the tablet to meet their viewing preferences
  • 360° swivel operation for vertical and horizontal viewing
  • Mount comprises two durable steel plates (4" x 2.5") with a rugged black powder-coat finish and fittings for solid installation to forklift pillars
  • Holes are pre-drilled into the plates, allowing a quick and simple attachment

Rugged and Secure Tablet Holder

With a capacity to accommodate tablet sizes from 7" to 10", the reinforced composite tablet holder presents a universal locking mechanism complete with a key lock, with keys included for convenience, ensuring stability during forklift operation. It can be adjusted using a 7mm and 10mm socket wrench, ensuring compatibility across a spectrum of tablet sizes. This adaptability suits compact models like the G Pad 7.0 and larger models like the Nexus 10 tablet.

Flexible Robust™ Shaft

The Locking Forklift Tablet Mount allows operators flexibility, thanks to its robust 1.5" by 6" metal shaft and 25mm dual ball adjustment points. This design will enable users to adjust the tablet holder to their preferred viewing angle, with a total 360° swivel for both horizontal and vertical orientations. Once in position, securing the holder and metal shaft in place is as simple as tightening the knob.

Heavy-Duty Steel Mounting Plates for Secure Installation

The Locking Forklift Tablet Mount includes two heavy-gauge steel plates boasting a resilient black powder coat finish for enhanced durability. These plates guarantee a secure attachment to the pillar of your forklift or warehouse vehicle, ensuring stability even on rugged terrain. Each steel plate, measuring 4" x 2.5" x 1/8" (101mm x 64mm x 3mm), weighs just under half a pound and comes complete with pre-drilled holes for effortless installation, simplifying the mounting process.


  • Design: Locking tablet mount for forklifts, pallet jacks, and other warehouse vehicles
  • Model: FLBK256TAB5
  • Tablet Holder Model: TAB005KL Universal Locking Adjustable Tablet Holder with Key Lock for iPad, Note, Galaxy, and more
  • Materials: Heavy gauge steel plates in a black powder-coat finish, metal mount shaft, and reinforced composite tablet holder
  • Tablet Size Height: Min 4.11" (104.39 mm) to Max 7.88" (200.32 mm)
  • Tablet Size Width: Min 7.44" (188.98 mm) to Max 11.25" (301.49 mm)
  • Tablet Size Depth: Min 0.69" (17.52 mm) to Max 0.93" (23.62 mm)
  • Max Mounting Width: 3" (77.5mm)
  • Arm Length: 6"
  • Mounting Patterns: Various 4-hole pre-drilled mounting patterns
  • Dimensions (Steel Plates): 4" x 2.5" x 1/8" (101mm x 64mm x 3mm)