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Constructed for resilience, the Locking Forklift Tablet Mount boasts a reinforced composite construction, showcasing a robust 6" Metal Robust™ Shaft coupled with a pair of durable 10" heavy-duty mounting plates. Tailored for securing tablets onto overhead guards of forklifts, pallet jacks, and diverse warehouse vehicles, this sturdy tablet holder thrives in demanding work settings such as construction sites, fulfillment centers, factories, and warehouses, ensuring complete support for your company's tablets during operational tasks.


  • Reinforced composite construction tablet holder protects the tablet from busy work environments like factories, construction sites, or warehouses
  • Universal locking metal tablet mount with keys to keep the tablet locked in place even on the most uneven surfaces
  • Easily customizable to fit the tablet's size specifications, from 7" to 10" width-sized tablets
  • Robust™ 6" Metal Mount Shaft allows the operator to adjust the tablet to meet their viewing preferences
  • Two durable 10" x 6.93" steel plates with a tough black powder-coat finish for easy mounting on the forklifts' overhead guards
  • Pre-drilled mounting patterns, including 4-Hole AMPS, VESA 75, VESA 100, and Gamber-Johnson 2" x 4.09", make installing the mount simple with no drilling required

Durable Tablet Holder

Complete with a reinforced composite build, the tablet holder features a universal locking mechanism with a key lock (keys included) for guaranteed tablet security. It caters to tablets spanning widths from 7" to 10" and can be easily adjusted using a 7mm and 10mm socket wrench. This ensures compatibility with a wide range of tablet models and sizes, from compact models like the G Pad 7.0 to larger ones like the Nexus 10 tablet.

Flexible Robust™ Shaft

The Locking Forklift Tablet Mount lands with a strong 1.5" by 6" metal shaft and 25mm dual ball adjustment points, allowing the operator to adjust the tablet holder easily to suit their personal viewing needs. Once in place, the holder and metal mount shaft can be held in place by tightening the knob.

Heavy-Duty Steel Mount Plates

The Forklift Tablet Mount includes two robust 10" by 6.93" heavy-gauge steel mounting plates, allowing easy installation onto the overhead guards of forklifts or warehouse vehicles. These plates boast a durable black powder coat finish, ensuring exceptional durability while holding the tablet in place. Complete with mounting hardware, they ensure the tablet remains secure during forklift operation.

Multiple Size Mount Holes

Featuring a range of hole sizes (4.9mm, 5.7mm, and 8.5mm) and various pre-drilled mounting patterns on its plates, the Locking Forklift Tablet Mount offers a full range of mounting options. This enables it to be easily fitted on different forklifts, warehouse vehicles, or machinery models. A quick and straightforward mounting process that requires no drilling ensures hassle-free installation. Moreover, its multiple mounting hole patterns mean you don't need to replace the Locking Forklift Tablet Mount when upgrading warehouse equipment; simply detach and reattach it to the new machinery.


  • Design: Locking tablet mount for forklifts, pallet jacks, and other warehouse vehicles
  • Model: FLRM256TAB5
  • Materials: Heavy gauge steel plates in a black powder-coat finish and aluminum mount shaft, reinforced composite tablet holder
  • Tablet Size Height: Min 4.11" (104.39 mm) to Max 7.88" (200.32 mm)
  • Tablet Size Width: Min 7.44" (188.98 mm) to Max 11.25" (301.49 mm)
  • Tablet Size Depth: Min 0.69" (17.52 mm) to Max 0.93" (23.62 mm)
  • Mounting Patterns: 4-Hole AMPS, VESA 75, VESA 100, Gamber-Johnson 2" x 4.09" (4.9mm, 5.7mm, and 8.5mm)
  • Max Mounting Width: 3" (77.5mm)
  • Arm Length: 6"
  • Dimensions (Steel Plates): 10" x 6.93" x 1/8" (254mm x 176.2mm x 3mm)