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Engineered for durability, the Forklift Overhead Guard Slim-Grip® Tablet Mount, made of reinforced composite material, features an 8.5" Metal Robust™ Shaft and a sturdy 10" Plate. It is specifically designed to mount tablets on the overhead guards of forklifts, pallet jacks, and various warehouse vehicles. This Slim-Grip® tablet holder has multiple support legs for different tablet types and is well-suited for challenging work environments, including construction sites, fulfillment centers, factories, and warehouses. It provides reliable support for your company's tablets during operation.


  • Reinforced composite construction protects the tablet from busy work environments like factories, construction sites, or warehouses
  • Slim-Grip® tablet holder fits almost any tablet from 7" to 18.4" in screen size
  • Includes ten support legs for different tablet sizes and button and port configurations
  • Robust™ 8.5" Metal Mount Shaft allows the operator to adjust the tablet to meet their viewing preferences
  • Two durable 10" x 6.93" steel plates with a tough black powder-coat finish for easy mounting on the forklifts' overhead guards
  • Pre-drilled mounting patterns, including 4-Hole AMPS, VESA 75, VESA 100, and Gamber-Johnson 2" x 4.09", make installing the mount simple with no drilling required

Durable Slim-Grip® Tablet Holder

Constructed from durable composite materials, Arkon's Forklift Slim-Grip® tablet holder ensures a firm grasp on tablets with screen sizes ranging from 7" to 18.4". Inserting or removing the tablet is easy due to its spring-loaded design, secure grips, and padded back—just apply pressure to the lower legs of the holder with one hand.

Multiple Support Leg Options

The tablet holder comes with ten support legs in different lengths: four short, two medium, and four long, providing a range of fitting choices based on tablet size. You can create various support configurations by strategically placing these legs at the top and bottom of the holder, ensuring unobstructed access to the tablet's side buttons and ports. For larger tablets like the iPad Pro, use two short legs at the top and two long legs at the bottom. Conversely, opt for all four short legs for smaller tablets or all four long legs for larger ones.

Adjustable Robust™ Shaft

Arriving with a robust 1.5" by 8.5" metal shaft and dual ball adjustment points, the Forklift Tablet Mount provides operators with simple adjustments for the best viewing experience while working. After positioning the holder, securing it in place is as simple as tightening the knob.

Heavy-Duty Steel Plates

The Forklift Tablet Mount includes two durable 10" by 6.93" steel mounting plates for attaching the tablet holder to the forklift or warehouse vehicle's overhead guards. These plates have a durable black powder coat finish for long-lasting use and come with mounting hardware to ensure the tablet stays secure during operation.

Multiple Size Mount Holes

The Forklift Tablet Mount offers mounting versatility with various hole sizes (4.9mm, 5.7mm, and 8.5mm) and diverse pre-drilled mounting patterns on its plates. This allows it to be installed on a wide range of forklifts, warehouse vehicles, or machinery models. The mounting process is swift and straightforward, eliminating the need for drilling. Additionally, its multiple mounting hole patterns eliminate the need for mount replacement when upgrading warehouse equipment; simply detach and reattach it to the new machinery.


  • Design: Slim-Grip® tablet mount for forklifts, pallet jacks, and other warehouse vehicles
  • Model: FLRM3885TAB1
  • Materials: Heavy gauge steel plates in a black powder-coat finish and aluminum mount shaft, reinforced composite Slim-Grip® tablet holder
  • Tablet Holder Model: TAB001 Slim-Grip® Universal Tablet Holder
  • Tablet Size Compatibility: 7" to 18.4" screen size
  • Mounting Patterns: 4-Hole AMPS, VESA 75, VESA 100, Gamber-Johnson 2" x 4.09" (4.9mm, 5.7mm, and 8.5mm)
  • Max Mounting Width: 3" (77.5mm)
  • Arm Length: 8.5"
  • Dimensions (Steel Plates): 10" x 6.93" x 1/8" (254mm x 176.2mm x 3mm)