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SKU: HD005

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Original price $49.95 - Original price $49.95
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$49.95 - $49.95
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The Heavy-Duty Drill-Base Mounting Pedestal features a 10" arm and 4-hole AMPS pattern drill base compatible with many of Arkon's device holders (sold separately). This Arkon mount is the ideal solution for securely mounting a tablet or smartphone to a desk or table, such as an EPOS device on a countertop, a secondary device for social media, or a tablet on an office desk. It also works in workshops, recording studios, or workspace settings where easy access to a tablet is needed. It can even securely fix a device to a wall.


  • Durable pedestal mount with 4-hole drill base mount for content creators, live streamers, store owners, record producers, office managers, and more
  • Dual-T pattern mount allows various Arkon Dual-T compatible device holders to be installed onto the mounting pedestal
  • 10" adjustable arm with tightening knobs enables you to angle and position your device holder to your personal preferences
  • Fully flexible thanks to a 360° swivel operation and 20mm metal ball fixing
  • Heavy-duty 4-hole AMPS drill base mount for fixing securely to a flat surface, such as a desk, cart, countertop, worktable, bench, or even a wall

Designed for Arkon Dual-T Device Holders

The Heavy-Duty Drill-Base Mounting Pedestal works a range of Arkon smartphone and tablet holders (sold separately), such as the Slim-Grip® Universal Tablet Holder (TAB001), Universal Tablet Push Button Holder (TAB003), and Slim-Grip® Ultra Universal Smartphone and Midsize Tablet Holder (SM060-2), which all feature a Dual-T mounting pattern. It offers flexible mounting solutions for tablets and smartphones and is perfect for store countertop EPOS systems, content creation, studio engineering, and more. Once installed, the holder allows horizontal and vertical adjustments, courtesy of its 360° swivel feature.

10" Adjustable Mounting Arm

The Heavy-Duty Table or Desk Clamp Mounting Pedestal features a 10" adjustable arm, providing flexibility in positioning the mount and device holder (sold separately). Simply attach the mount to a desk or worktop using the 4-hole drill base mount, then fine-tune the arm to position the holder accurately before securing it with the tightening knobs. With dual adjustment points, this mount allows you to place your tablet precisely where needed.

4-Hole AMPS Mount Base

The 4-hole AMPS pattern consists of four holes arranged in a rectangular layout, spaced at 30.17mm by 38.05mm (measured center-to-center). Made from durable aluminum, the 4-hole drill base mount provides a robust, long-lasting solution for workshops or retail environments. Installation screws are included for convenience.

Moreover, this mount offers the option of direct attachment to a car or truck floor. However, exercising caution is crucial to avoid potential damage to the vehicle. Consulting with a mobile installation professional is advisable to ensure proper placement and prevent inadvertent drilling into sensitive vehicle components.


  • Design: Fully adjustable mounting pedestal with Dual-T adapter and 4-hole AMPS base mount designed for mounting on flat surfaces
  • Model: HD005
  • Materials: Aluminum
  • Arm Length: 10" adjustable
  • Base Mount: 4-hole AMPS