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Introducing the Mega Grip Handlebar Mount with Robust 2.75" Shaft, designed for bikers and cyclists seeking a secure phone mount for their devices onto the handlebars of their rides. With this mount, you can use your phone or tablet for GPS navigation, delivery apps, calls, or music streaming during your ride. The holder ensures device stability and includes an elastic securing strap, allowing you to focus solely on the road ahead. Supports phones up to 3.5" wide, with no height restrictions.


  • Ideal companion for motorbikes and bicycles for mounting phones onto your handlebars
  • Perfect for GPS, making calls, as a delivery app, or music streaming
  • Mega Grip Robust™ aluminum phone holder keeps your devices secure, supporting all devices from 3.5" wide with no height restrictions
  • Secures to the handlebars of motorcycles, dirt bikes, bicycles, and ATVs up to 30mm (1.2") in diameter
  • Simple installation to your handlebars using a hex key
  • Small Robust™ mount shaft allows you to adjust your device for your viewing preference
  • Tightening knobs keeps the mount in place once positioned

Strong-Grip Phone Holder

The phone holder features a unique spring-loaded side-arm mechanism, offering a solid yet user-friendly grip for effortless insertion or removal of your device. Simply place your phone in the holder and close the arms to secure it. Releasing the phone is as easy as pushing the holder's side button. The Mega Grip Holder is universally compatible, even accommodating large protective cases or skins. It is ideal for keeping your phone secure while using it as a GPS or delivery app, making calls, or streaming music.

Adjustable Small Mount Shaft

The Handlebar Mount features a 2.75" small Robust™ mount shaft with a 25mm ball to Dual T-tab adapter for easy device positioning. Complete with a security knob, it securely fixes your device in place on the handlebars once you’ve adjusted it.

Handlebar Collar Mount

Arkon's Mega Grip Robust™ Handlebar Mount securely attaches to cylindrical handlebars up to 30mm (1.2") in diameter. It includes three handlebar spacer/adapter rings of varying widths, allowing you to choose the right size for your vehicle's handlebars. Once positioned, tighten using a hex key, and you're ready to ride.

Extra Device Security

For added security, this phone holder comes with a dual T-slot to dual T-tab elastic securing strap, serving as an extra measure to hold your device alongside its spring-loaded mechanism. It is ideal for dirt or mountain bikes during off-road weekend adventures when the terrain is uneven.


  • Design: Phone tablet holder with small mount shaft and handlebar ring mount
  • Model: MC25MM432
  • Phone Holder Model: SM040-2 Mega Grip™ Universal Phone Holder
  • Holder Opening Size: 3.5" wide with no height restrictions
  • Materials: Reinforced composite and aluminum
  • Includes: AP2TSTRAP Dual T-slot to dual T-tab elastic securing strap
  • Surface Mount Pattern: MC25MMB Ring mount up to 30mm (1.2") diameter plus three different adapter rings