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Phone Tripod Mount and LED Ring Light Bundle


Rated 4.87/5 by thousands of happy customers

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Original price $59.95 - Original price $59.95
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$59.95 - $59.95
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The Phone Tripod Mount and LED Ring Light Bundle is an essential tool for video and photography professionals, including content creators, bloggers, vloggers, live streamers, educators, and administrators. It's beneficial for those teaching via video from home or capturing video at events like concerts and parades. 

Additionally, it's perfect for content creators on the go who need to quickly position their phones for optimal content capture. This versatile bundle accommodates smartphones up to 3.9" wide, even with skins or rugged cases. Whether you're creating content or educating, this indispensable companion ensures your footage is of professional quality.

Included in the bundle is a Rechargeable Clip-On LED Ring Light. It is crucial for achieving smooth and flattering lighting during live video streaming or selfie-taking. You can reach the ideal illumination for professional-looking photos and videos with three lighting settings set by an adjustable dial. It can also be used as a makeup ring light (mirror not included), enhancing your beauty routine, or creating makeup blogs and vlogs.


  • Secure phone holder, tripod, and LED light for teachers, educators, content creators, live streamers, vloggers, bloggers, and more
  • Durable spring-loaded phone holder holds various phone sizes up to 3.9"
  • 11" flexible and secure tripod with bendable legs that can grab onto fences, poles, and trees for perfect outside footage capture
  • Can mount small and medium cameras with a 1/4" mount pattern
  • LED light designed for enhancing professional content videos, live streaming, video conferencing, makeup tutorials, and blogs
  • Three alternative light settings (warm, natural, and cool) create different ambiances for professional filming and photography
  • Easy to mount by just clipping it onto your phone, laptop, or tablet
  • No batteries are required‚ just use the included USB dongle to charge the LED ring light
  • Durable carry bags included for the tripod and LED ring light

Secure Phone Holder

Arkon's Phone Tripod Mount and LED Ring Light Bundle includes the Mobile Grip 5 Universal Smartphone Holder, which ensures your device remains stable and protected during filming or content creation. Its spring-loaded design accommodates devices up to 3.9" wide and is compatible with various smartphones, even those with cases. Additionally, the mount features a ball adapter for achieving optimal angles with your device.

Stable and Flexible Tripod

The Phone Tripod Mount and LED Ring Light Bundle includes an adaptable 11" tripod for steady professional footage. Apart from stabilizing your phone on flat surfaces, its flexible legs can grip onto various objects like fence posts, poles, or tree branches, expanding your options for capturing pro-level shots.

Durable Camera Adapter

For photographers seeking a portable mini-tripod, this one features a 1/4" camera mount compatible with small and medium cameras. It's perfect for capturing candid shots, providing the stability required for professional-quality images.

Multiple Professional Lighting Purposes

The Rechargeable Clip-On LED Ring Light included in the bundle enhances photography and videography by improving lighting conditions. It ensures clearer images and videos with enhanced color accuracy, particularly in low-light environments. It is essential for achieving smooth and flattering lighting during live video streaming, content creation, or selfie-taking.

As a video conferencing aid, the LED ring light enhances illumination during calls, ensuring clearer visibility of the user's face and projecting a more professional image. This feature is especially advantageous for remote work or virtual meetings. 

Additionally, it is invaluable for makeup videos, offering improved visibility and even lighting for precise makeup application. This quality is often preferred by makeup artists, bloggers, and enthusiasts.

Three Different Light Settings

The Rechargeable Clip-On LED Ring Light offers three distinct lighting modes: warm, neutral, and cool settings (3200K, 4500K, and 5600 K). With up to 40 LED lights, these versatile options cater to various lighting needs, ensuring the perfect ambiance for any setting. You can clip the ring light onto your tablet or laptop, instantly improving your device's lighting with its three lighting modes. 

The warm 3200K setting, ideal for evening gatherings or indoor scenes, creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere similar to the golden hour. This soft, natural light is perfect for capturing portraits or engaging in intimate video chats.

For everyday use, the neutral 4500K light resembles midday lighting, providing balanced illumination that's gentle on the eyes. This option offers comfortable lighting for makeup application or casual video conferencing.

For tasks requiring clarity and vibrancy, the cool 5600K setting simulates daylight, enhancing detail and reducing shadows. This setting is ideal for technical or artistic endeavors, providing professional-quality lighting for visual arts or detailed work.

Protective Carry Cases

The bundle includes a pair of handy carrying pouches for added convenience and protection, enabling you to easily transport the holder, tripod, and light in your purse or bag.


  • Design: Phone and camera holder with a small tripod and Clip-on LED ring light with three different light settings bundle
  • Model: MG5LED
  • Phone Holder Model: MG005WR mobile grip 5 universal phone holder
  • Light Model: SPLEDRING Rechargeable Clip-On LED Ring Light
  • Materials: Composite and LEDs
  • Phone Holder Max Width: 3.9"
  • Tripod Size: 11"
  • Tripod Mount: 1/4"-20 Camera Pattern to 17mm Ball Adapter
  • Light Mount: Clip-on