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SKU: RM0861420
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Original price $34.95 - Original price $34.95
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The Clamp Camera Mount has a 1/4"-20 camera mounting adapter, a secure, solid c-clamp, and an adjustable 3.75" Robust™ mount shaft. It provides the ideal solution for stabilizing a camera on a flat surface, whether for content creators filming, mounting a camera on a bike, car, or truck, or capturing essential footage in workshops and hobby tables.


  • 1/4"-20 Camera Mounting Adapter with Robust™ shaft mount and c-clamp for securely attaching a camera onto flat surfaces such as carts, tables, desks, countertops, lecterns, and more
  • Ideal for content creators and hobbyists for filming, professors giving lectures, on your car or truck, and more where mounting a camera is needed
  • 360° swivel operation for landscape or portrait camera positioning
  • Adjustable 3.75" Robust™ reinforced composite shaft gives complete flexibility in the camera's positioning
  • Heavy-duty adjustable c-clamp that opens up to 3" to mount firmly on a desk, cart, kitchen countertop, worktable, bench, lectern, or other flat table-like surface

Standard 1/4"-20 Camera Mounting Adapter

You can guarantee that the Clamp Camera Mount is compatible with most camera brands thanks to its standard 1/4"-20 camera pattern adapter. This mount is the perfect tool for capturing stable professional content or expert photographs for your hobby, business, or vocation, ensuring your camera stays perfectly still. As part of Arkon's Robust Mount Series, it is compatible with all cameras featuring the standard 1/4"-20 camera mounting pattern, including models from Nikon, Sony, Samsung, Canon, Fujifilm, Olympus, Panasonic, and Pentax.

Adjustable Composite Shaft

With the 3.75" Robust™ mount shaft, you have precise control over the camera's position, enabling fine-tuning adjustments. The pedestal's arm swivels on both the top and bottom, offering 360° rotation and ultimate flexibility in positioning the camera mount at any angle. Quickly attach the camera's 1/4"-20 mounting pattern onto the mount's 1/4"-20 mounting adapter, then adjust the position as needed by loosening or tightening the side adjustment knob.

Secure Adjustable C-Clamp

The Clamp Camera Mount ensures stability when clamped onto a range of surfaces. Its versatility makes it suitable for desks, tables, worktops, recording studios, cars and trucks, and lecterns, which may have limited space for mounting. The adjustable c-clamp is designed to fit surfaces from 0" to 3" thick.

Compatible with:

Compatible with any camera, projector, or device that utilizes a 1/4"-20 mounting adapter.

  • Design: 1/4"-20 camera mounting adapter with Robust™ shaft mount and c-clamp for securely attaching a camera onto flat surfaces
  • Model: RM0861420
  • Adapter: Standard 1/4"-20 camera mounting adapter
  • Materials: Reinforced composite
  • Mount Shaft Size: 3.75"
  • Clamp opening: 0" - 3" (0mm - 76mm)