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38mm to 38mm 1.5" Rubber Ball Adapter

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Original price $19.95 - Original price $19.95
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$19.95 - $19.95
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Arkon's SP38MM38 adapter enables you to connect and extend mounts with a 38mm (1.5") ball pattern, allowing for the creation and customization of unique and personalized Arkon setups. Compatible with Arkon Robust™ Mount models and other 38mm mounts, this package only includes the 38mm to 38mm 1.5" Rubber Ball Adapter; mounts, holders, and devices are sold separately. 

Secure the adapter to any 38mm ball pattern mount or pedestal for a versatile and adaptable configuration. It's constructed from rugged aluminum for strength and rubber ball ends for a firm grip on your chosen application.


  • Strong upgrade or replacement for your current 38mm to 38mm ball adapter
  • 38mm ball to 38mm ball ends to extend your mount setup
  • Allows the complete customization of your Arkon mount setup
  • Fully compatible with 38mm ball pattern holders
  • Durable and rugged thanks to its aluminum and rubber construction

Designed For Customization

The 38mm (1.5") Ball to 38mm (1.5") Ball Adapter offers a straightforward and efficient way to extend and customize your Arkon setup. It is designed for compatibility with various Arkon Robust™ 38mm shafts and allows you to easily add another shaft to your configuration, such as an additional Arkon 5" SPRM38MM or 3.5" SPRM3835B shaft. Ideal for achieving a fully personalized mounting experience, this adapter is the perfect addition to enhance your setup.

Durable and Tough

With the need for constant adjustments to your mount position, you need an adapter that can withstand the test of time. The 38mm (1.5") Ball to 38mm (1.5") Ball Adapter is designed with an industry-strength aluminum shaft construction and robust rubber ball end, making it a reliable and durable choice. Its straightforward design ensures it's a long-lasting addition to your setup.

Compatible with:

Compatible with any device, shaft, or holder that utilizes a 38mm / 1.50 inch ball size.

  • Design: 38mm (1.5") Ball to 38mm (1.5") Ball Adapter for extending Robust™ shafts
  • Model: SP38MM38
  • Materials: Aluminum and rubber
  • End Mount Size: 38mm ball end