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The Heavy-Duty Car and Truck Seat Rail or Floor Tablet Mount is the perfect road trip partner for those seeking an alternative to windshield or dash mounting. Its innovative design allows installation on the vehicle's seat frame or floor, ensuring a clutter-free dashboard. The 22" gooseneck allows complete flexibility, while the rail and floor mounts deliver a secure fix.


  • Robust seat rail and floor tablet mount for cars, trucks, and other vehicles to keep your dash and windshield free from clutter
  • Ideal for mounting tablets for GPS, work-on-the-go, or in the back seat for entertaining passengers on long-haul trips
  • Slim-Grip tablet holder fits almost any tablet from 7" to 18.4" in screen size
  • Includes ten support legs for different tablet sizes and button and port configurations
  • 360° swivel operation for vertical viewing
  • 22" flexible aluminum gooseneck arm allows you to angle and position your tablet exactly how you want
  • Rail and floor mounting brackets for secure fixing to your seat frame or floor

Durable Slim-Grip® Tablet Holder

With its durable composite construction, the slim-grip tablet holder keeps your tablet in place and accommodates screen sizes ranging from 7" to 18.4". Inserting or removing the tablet is a breeze thanks to its spring-loaded design, secure grips, and padded back—just press down on the lower legs of the holder with one hand. Plus, you can enjoy complete flexibility in tablet positioning, allowing easy adjustment to the desired angle. For vertical viewing, adjust the 360° swivel on the ball mount and then re-tighten.

Multiple Support Legs

The tablet holder has ten support legs in various lengths—four short, two medium, and four long versions—providing numerous fitting options. By placing these legs at the top and bottom of the holder, you can create different support leg combinations, ensuring complete access to side buttons and ports. For larger tablets like the iPad Pro, affix two short legs on top and two long legs on the bottom. Opt for all four short legs for smaller tablets and all four long legs for larger tablets.

Adjustable Mounting Arm

The car and truck tablet mount has a 22" adjustable gooseneck for super-flexibility. This feature lets you adjust the tablet to meet your ideal viewing preference while driving or parked. The perfect partner for mounting a tablet and angling it so it's in your sight and within reach, keeping your eyes on the road. Once positioned, the gooseneck is rigid enough to hold position while on the move.

Secure Rail and Floor Mounting Options

If you're looking for a different option than mounting your tablet on the windshield or dash, the Heavy-Duty Car and Truck Seat Rail or Floor Tablet Mount is perfect. Simply install the mount's aluminum metal bracket onto the car's seat rail with a socket wrench. You also have the option to screw the mount directly into the vehicle's floor using the provided floor brackets, but be sure to handle it with caution to prevent damage to any sensitive vehicle parts. It's always a good idea to seek advice from a mobile install professional before drilling into the vehicle's floor.


  • Design: Fully adjustable tablet holder and seat rail or floor mount for cars, trucks, and other vehicles
  • Model: TAB188L22AL
  • Tablet Holder Model: TAB001 Slim-Grip® Universal Tablet Holder
  • Materials: Reinforced composite and aluminum
  • Pole Length: 22" aluminum gooseneck