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Robust™ Mount Clamp Post with 25mm (1") Ball

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Original price $34.95 - Original price $34.95
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$34.95 - $34.95
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The Clamp Post mount with 25mm (1") Ball is designed for wide-range clamping. The heavy-duty clamp is made of high-strength composite materials. The clamp mount opens to 2.75 " diameter to securely grip roll bars, tubes, handlebars, warehouse carts, and many more tubular posts and poles. The 25mm ball (1 inch) is compatible with 25mm (1") shafts.


  • Heavy-duty clamp designed to grip onto tubes, posts, handlebars, warehouse carts, and poles
  • Designed to firmly grip diameters up to 2.75"
  • Constructed from reinforced composite, making it hardwearing and durable
  • 25mm ball end fits many Arkon and third-party applications that are 25mm ball holder-compatible

Robust™ Clamp Mount

The Robust™ Clamp Mount by Arkon offers versatility, catering to flat and tubular surfaces. Crafted from durable composite materials and featuring stainless steel hardware, this clamp can be effortlessly installed and detached without needing tools. It can accommodate surfaces and posts up to 2.75" in diameter, and its padded design ensures a secure grip while safeguarding surfaces from scratches or damage.

25mm Ball-Compatible

The Robust™ Mount Clamp Post features a 25mm ball end, which is compatible with many Arkon mounts and Robust™ shafts, including SP-RM250, SP-RMS250, SPRMET, SPRMSMET-B, SPRM256B, and more.

Compatible with:

Compatible with any device, shaft, or holder that utilizes a 25mm / 1 inch ball size.

  • Design: Robust™ Mount Clamp Post with 25mm (1") Ball End for shafts and holders with a 25mm-compatible ball holder
  • Model: CPMHD
  • Materials: Reinforced composite
  • Mount Pattern: 25mm ball end
  • Clamp Width Range: Up to 2.75"