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Arkon's Powered Locking Tablet Mount Bundle is the ideal solution for your commercial fleet or enterprise applications. It provides all the essentials for mounting a tablet in fleet vehicles on the dash or point-of-sale environments on countertops. The bundle includes a locking, adjustable tablet drill base mount with security hardware, a 6-foot fixed USB vehicle power adapter for hardwiring in vehicles, and a 3-foot removable magnetic USB to Apple Lightning charge cable.


  • All-in-one solution for installing a tablet in a fleet vehicle or EPOS system on a store countertop
  • Rigid aluminum tablet holder construction protects the tablet from busy work environments such as busy stores, demanding warehouses, or on-the-go commercial vehicle use
  • Tablet holder can be locked with keys to keep your tablet secure
  • Easily customizable to fit your tablet's size specifications, from 7" to 10" width-sized tablets
  • Adjustable metal shaft with tightening knob allows you to angle the tablet to your personal preference
  • 4-hole AMPS mounting pattern delivers a solid attachment to any flat surface, such as a dashboard or countertop
  • Included 6-foot fixed install USB vehicle power adapter to hardwire it into the vehicle
  • Magnetic USB charge cable to Apple Lightning charge cable to keep your tablet charged at all times

Tough Universal Tablet Holder

With its key lock mechanism (keys included), the Powered Locking Tablet Mount keeps your tablet secure while on the move or in operation. The robust aluminum tablet holder fits screen sizes ranging from 7" to 10", and you can easily adjust it using a 7mm and 10mm socket wrench to match your tablet's size specifications. This ensures full compatibility with a wide range of tablets, from the compact G Pad 7.0 to the larger Nexus 10.

Adjustable Shaft Design

The Locking Tablet Mount has a double ball adjustable arm, allowing the driver or operator to position and angle the tablet as desired. Simply adjust the tablet holder to the preferred position and secure it in place using the tightening knob.

Secure 4-Hole AMPS Mounting Pattern

To keep your tablet holder and arm secure, it comes with a 4-hole AMPS mounting plate for fixing it securely to the dash of a commercial vehicle or onto a store countertop if you're using it as an EPOS system.

Hardwire and Charging USB

The Powered Locking Tablet Mount bundle comes with a power adapter equipped with a female USB connector, supporting input voltage of 12-24 and delivering up to 2.4 Amp output. This allows you to keep your tablet charged without the need to remove the mount. This adapter connects to the magnetic USB to Apple Lightning charge cable, allowing you to leave the connector attached to your iPad. Simply attach the magnetized cable to the connector for charging. By keeping the connector in place, you can prolong the life of your tablet's charging port and shield it from dust, dirt, and other contaminants. This 5 Volt, 2 Amp cable measures 3 feet long (1 meter).


  • Design: Locking tablet mount with USB-powered adapter for commercial vehicles and EPOS systems
  • Model: TAB42AMPSML
  • Tablet Holder Model: TAB004KL Universal Locking Adjustable Aluminum Tablet Holder with Key Lock
  • Materials: Aluminum and heavy-duty steel
  • Tablet Size Height: Min 4.37" (110.99 mm) to Max 7.75" (196.85mm)
  • Tablet Size Width: Max 10.25" (260.35mm)
  • Tablet Size Depth: Max 0.87" (22mm)
  • Mounting Patterns: 4-Hole AMPS
  • Included: 6-foot fixed install USB vehicle power adapter and 3-foot removable magnetic USB to Apple Lightning charge cable