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Robust Heavy-Duty Metal Locking Seat Rail or Floor Tablet Mount


Rated 4.87/5 by thousands of happy customers

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Original price $127.95 - Original price $127.95
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$127.95 - $127.95
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Arkon's Robust™ Heavy-Duty Metal Seat Rail or Floor Tablet Mount is the ultimate travel companion, perfect for securely positioning your tablet while on the move. Whether attached to your vehicle's passenger seat or mounted onto the floor, it offers limitless options for adjusting horizontally and vertically to achieve the perfect viewing angle for your device's screen. With its 18" aluminum gooseneck and 3.75" Robust™ mount shaft allowing for 360° rotation, it's your go-to solution for GPS navigation, music streaming, or aiding sales professionals on the road, as well as for commercial use in fleet vehicles requiring ELD systems.


  • Aluminum design protects your tablet from everyday use, whether as an EPOS system, GPS, or ELD system in a commercial fleet
  • Enhanced security with a robust locking mechanism, included keys, and secure hardware deters theft and keeps your tablet safe in public or high-traffic environments
  • Universal locking metal tablet mount with keys to keep the tablet locked in place without the worry it'll fall out and get damaged
  • Easily customizable to fit the tablet's size specifications, from 7" to 10" width-sized tablets
  • 18" flexible gooseneck arm allows you to angle and position your tablet exactly how you want
  • Adjustable 3.75" reinforced composite Robust™ shaft enables you to fine-tune the positioning of the tablet's angle
  • 360° swivel operation for vertical and horizontal tablet placement
  • Strong aluminum rail and floor mounting brackets for secure fixing to your seat frame or floor

Tough Locking Tablet Holder

The rigid aluminum tablet holder boasts a locking mechanism with keys and secure hardware, ensuring heightened security to protect your tablet from theft in busy public spaces and environments. Its flexible design accommodates tablets ranging from 7" to 10" wide and is easily adjustable with a 7mm or 10mm socket wrench. Whether using a compact device like the G Pad 7.0 or a larger Nexus 10 tablet, this adaptable holder is ideal for installation in your car, truck, or commercial fleet vehicles.

Flexible and Strong 18" Gooseneck Arm

With its versatile 18" adjustable gooseneck, this tablet mount for cars and trucks provides stability and flexibility. This unique feature allows you to effortlessly extend, tilt, and swivel your tablet to find the perfect viewing angle, whether driving or parked. Once positioned, the gooseneck maintains its sturdy hold, ensuring your tablet stays securely in place even on the move. Acting as your ideal driving companion, it keeps your tablet conveniently within reach and in clear sight, especially if you use it for GPS, enhancing your driving experience without obstructing your view and enabling you to concentrate fully on the road ahead.

Adjustable Composite Shaft

Situated between the holder and the gooseneck is a sturdy 3.75" Robust™ mount shaft. This component allows you to further adjust your tablet's position and angle once the gooseneck is set. Once fine-tuned, a tightening knob ensures a secure fixation onto the 25mm (1") ball ends. Additionally, the shaft offers full 360° rotation capability, allowing you to orient your tablet horizontally or vertically.

Heavy-Duty Rail or Floor Mounting Options

The Locking Tablet Holder comes with heavy-duty aluminum brackets for mounting to your seat rail or vehicle's floor to keep your windshield or dash clutter-free. Simply affix the mount's bracket onto your car's passenger seat rail using a socket wrench. Alternatively, utilize the provided brackets to secure the mount to the vehicle's floor. However, exercise caution to prevent any potential damage to delicate vehicle components. It's advisable to seek guidance from a mobile installation professional before drilling into the vehicle's floor.


  • Design: Fully adjustable locking tablet holder and seat rail or floor mount for cars, trucks, and other vehicles
  • Model: TAB4RM8825AL
  • Tablet Holder Model: TAB004KL Universal Locking Adjustable Aluminum Tablet Holder with Key Lock
  • Tablet Size Height: Min 4.37" (110.99 mm) to Max 7.75" (196.85mm)
  • Tablet Size Width: Max 10.25" (260.35mm)
  • Tablet Size Depth: Max 0.87" (22mm)
  • Materials: Reinforced composite and aluminum
  • Pole Length: 18" gooseneck and 3.75" Robust™ mount shaft
  • Mount: Seat rail or floor mount